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The Project

OneAvenue.Tv is a media technology platform that connects emerging artists (musicians, models, actors, viral sensations) to millennial fans through innovative discovery, content, and live experiences. The App is also integrated with all the Social Feeds of the artists that you follow. Now it's possible to discover new artists, follow your favorite artists, see what's happening with them and check upcoming events near you.

Technology Stack

Docker swarm
Google Analytics

Discover and follow artists

With the OneAvenue.Tv app you have the opportunity to discover new artists and follow them through a simple search for names or music genres, and be up to date about artists in general with the integrated news feed from OneAvenue.Tv's website.

Social feeds

The OneAvenue.Tv app is all about infinite scroll feeds! With For You, Live and Now feeds, you can like and share posts – text, photos and videos – from your favorite artists' Facebook and YouTube medias. You can also see artists' upcoming events from BandsInTown. All these integrations allow you to follow what artists are posting from their social accounts in one single app.

Artist's profile

Looking for content about a specific artist? The artist profile screen allows fans to follow, check their feeds, songs and videos. Want more? The OneAvenue.Tv app is also integrated with Spotify and allows fans to taste the most popular tracks by artists related to music industry right in their profiles.

Push notifications

Stay up-to-date about your favorite artists. OneAvenue.Tv app automatically sends push notifications to alert fans about their artists' new posts. Also, the back-end system allows the definition of custom push notifications that always remember the user to engage with their favorite artists!

Dave Kaplow

"Cheesecake Labs is a great development partner for OneAvenue.Tv. They have the right mix of developers with front-end and backend experience, use all the modern development and collaboration tools, and are easy to work with. They get us and to market fast with a lot less stress.”

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