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exmox is a private performance marketing network dedicated to gaming.

They consulted Cheesecake Labs for a Full Product Delivery on a new Android and iOS reward gaming platform.

The Challenge.

The core challenge of game publishers is to retain players in new games. So exmox wanted to launch an intelligent rewards platform to keep players engaged and help publishers launch new successful games.

They came to us with a clear product and goals in mind but had no design or technology stack defined. We decided to go for a cross-platform solution using React Native for iOS and Android.

UX Design.

exmox shared with us the idea of the user flow, wireframe, and main features. Based on that, we evolved the design with key decisions to offer the best possible usability.






Visual Design.

Our expert designers created a complete Design System and Style guide with custom illustrations and icons to enhance the gamer's experience.


Publishers can increase players' engagement by motivating them to accomplish high-value game events with valuable and personalized incentives.

Users can see all the available quest lines on mobile games and easily install the game through the Play Now button. While users play and complete tasks, they receive gold rewards. Quests lines have deadlines to keep players engaged.


Another way to receive gold is by activating power-ups. They stimulate users to frequently use the rewards platform, make purchases inside games, complete several quests, and also bring their friends to the app. The more they play, the more they earn.


Gamers can trade their gold balance for real-world rewards. They can easily choose which platform they want to receive their credit and check the status of their requests.