How the credit cooperative Cresol used Mobile App Development to expand financial services and overcome ATM limitations for rural clients

Innovating cash withdrawals in rural areas to boost client efficiency.

Cresol is a financial cooperative with more than 800,000 cooperative clients and 737 agencies, present in 18 Brazilian states. According to the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in Brazil, Cresol is one of the biggest credit carriers totaling over 4.7 billion Brazilian Real, equivalent to 940 million US dollars in approved credits.

They partnered with Cheesecake Labs to develop a React Native mobile app for Android and iOS to facilitate the process of withdrawing cash using a network of local businesses for people who live in rural areas with no ATMs nearby by creating a mobile app.

The app would also enable users to manage their accounts and withdraw cash by scanning a QR code at supermarket checkouts.

Outcomes achieved.

Over 600,000 app downloads on Brazilian Google Play and Apple Store.

Positive feedback from users: "The layout is very organized and facilitates the usage."

Elevating the Design System to achieve a seamless user experience.

Cheesecake Labs incorporated research to ensure the app met the needs of Cresol's rural clients. This included on-site visits to Cresol's agencies to interview clients and determine their requirements.

Based on this research, our team of UX Designers experts advised Cresol on the best technology to use that would meet the bank's system requirements and cater to the needs of rural clients who may face challenges using digital products.

This also resulted in the creation of a new and complete Design System, which also be used for future digital products at Cresol.

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Taking Cresol's mobile banking to the next level with new app features.

QR Code Withdraw: We developed an easy-to-use QR code reader to withdraw cash or use it to shop in local businesses without the need for a credit card.

Account management: The app required a connection between the app and Cresol's back-end to back to enable users to view transactions, to manage account balances and spending from anywhere.

More functions to Cresol's App to make banking effortless and secure for clients.

All at your fingertips: Users can now do cell phone recharge and savings account directly from Cresol's bank app.

Biometric reading: Assuring security and a quick login, Cheesecake Labs also implemented biometric technology in the app.

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I was impressed by their empathy and flexibility during development. They accepted and accommodated any changes we needed. They also offered impressive knowledge of UI/UX.

Evandro Pires

Solutions Architect

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