Skyroam is a global WiFi hotspot manufacturer and service provider currently available in 130+ countries.

Cheesecake Labs has been the engineering team behind Skyroam's eCommerce platform for 3+ years.


The challenge.

After raising $23.5 million in a Series B round, Skyroam entered into a high-growth mode and needed to expand its global coverage and enter new markets.

They came to us with several scaling limitations in their current Shopify platform, and our first step was to build a customized eCommerce solution.

Platform migration.

To support Skyroam's custom business rules, we migrated to a tailor-made eCommerce platform built with Wagtail, an open-source Python/Django CMS framework, and Snipcart fully customizable shopping cart service.


Scalable cloud server.

Our expert developers built a secure, scalable, and high-performance webserver with AWS Cloud to support the expansion challenge.

We've made the entire infrastructure with scalable mechanics. Its horizontal architecture automatically scales the servers to withstand high traffic during peak times.

Multi-language and multi-currency.

We helped Skyroam increase its position in the global market by adding several languages and currencies, allowing the eCommerce solution to offer personalized experiences for users in other continents, such as Europe and Asia.

Flexibility for marketing.

The CMS we developed became a flexible tool to give the autonomy that Skyroam's marketing team needed to quickly compose new pages and create campaigns on the site.

They save time by using the flexible modules and custom pages we've built, all mobile-ready.

Guidance for integrations.

Our team frequently provided Skyroam with support and guidance for integrations and setups with other platforms, including ShipStation, HubSpot, Facebook pixel, Analytics, ERP, Yotpo, Signifyd, Affirm.

Guidance for integrations
Guidance for integrations

They've helped us scale globally and are a vital partner to our vision.

Meredith Valentine

Meredith Valentine

VP Global Marketing & Ecommerce @ Skyroam

It's great to consider them as part of our team and much more than a partner.

Meredith Valentine

Meredith Valentine

VP Global Marketing & Ecommerce @ Skyroam

They deliver top-notch service and guidance.

Meredith Valentine

Meredith Valentine

VP Global Marketing & Ecommerce @ Skyroam

3+ years

working together.


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in Series C round.


Their eCommerce platform processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per year to 130+ countries around the world.