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NFT Use Case: How to create a Pokémon marketplace using NFT

You’ve probably seen posts talking about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) somewhere, because it’s a trending technology that moves millions of dollars.

But what is NFT and what can it solve?

There are several reasons why you should keep an eye on it and this blogpost will explain those reasons.

You’ll find tons of NFT Use Cases and applications examples on the internet and here we’re also going to show you a NFT use case about how to implement a Pokémon marketplace using non-fungible tokens.

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Opinion About Us

From Software Engineer to VP of Engineering: leadership training at Cheesecake Labs

Two years ago, Cheesecake Labs had a team of around 45 Cakers — but we are growing fast. Our board knew that to keep pace with our growth we needed to proactively develop leaders. Enter Natam Oliveira. Natam joined Cheesecake Labs as a Software Engineer in 2018. He quickly started moving up the ranks; today, he is the VP of Engineering. How did Natam go from Software Engineer to VP? He became a leader at Cheesecake Labs with the help of our leadership training programs — and then he helped improve them! Here’s what his journey looked like from new Caker to VP.

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Edge cases: when users stray from the happy path

Many developers talk about the “happy path.” It’s that perfect journey they’ve designed to take users from start to finish as quickly and painlessly as possible. But no matter how well you’ve designed your software, there will be times when users leave the happy path and take a trip along the cliff’s edge.

Well-designed products will keep most users on the happy path, but there are always cases that are unforeseen or outside of your control. These uncommon scenarios are called edge cases.

In this post, we’ll discover where edge cases occur, why they’re important, and how to mitigate their negative impact so that every user journey has a happy ending — no matter which path they take.

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Business Blockchain

The approach for adding USDC to the Stellar network

When talking about issuing a digital asset on a blockchain, each network comes with its own features and can be considered unique in a way. These aspects must be taken into account when architecting the representation of an asset in any new network, which can quickly become a challenge when issuing the same asset in multiple different networks.

Recently I came across this article by Mike Grant, explaining how Circle implemented USDC on the Stellar network and how they made use of the network’s native functionalities to ensure their requirements were met. Here, I would like to dive deeper into this use case as the approach taken might seem unintuitive at first glance and still, turn out to be a clever solution.

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About Us

The Cheesecake Labs approach to leadership development

As we’ve all adjusted to the “new normal” of work over the last few years, one thing has become abundantly clear — good leadership makes all the difference. Here at Cheesecake Labs, we’ve always been passionate about leadership development, but the challenges of remote work have made that mission even more critical.

So how do we cook up the best Cheesecake leaders? Here’s our secret recipe for success. 

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How blockchain can reshape the global economy with CBDC

The rise of cryptocurrencies over the last few years has been exciting, to say the least. Not only have several innovative digital currencies been developed, but innovative currency solutions as well. And in this post, we’re looking at one of these innovations: CBDC.

We’ll cover what CBDC is, how it compares to other currencies, and how this quickly maturing tech can be applied in the real world. 

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About Us

Why work in a top 10 mobile app company?

Cheesecake Labs was built around people who work together. We wanted to make sure our team was creating value for our clients and the world. We have always kept in mind connecting Brazil with the larger tech community in Silicon Valley and around the world. So how do we do that? Let’s take a peek inside the kitchen and see what ingredients come together to make Cheesecake Labs such an awesome working environment and the top 10 mobile app company worldwide

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