EQI is an investment firm partnered with BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America.

They consulted Cheesecake Labs for a Full Product Delivery on a new Android and iOS investment app.

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The Challenge.

Everything depended on the personal broker with telephone and email communications. So EQI wanted to modernize and offer a better experience to their clients.

They came to us wanting to build an app that would make it easier for clients to manage their investment portfolios. We decided to go for a cross-platform solution using React Native for iOS and Android.

User Experience.

They were concerned about user adoption and engagement. Therefore, we strategically focused only on the most valuable features, designing an experience with numbers and graphs that are easy to analyze.





Visual Design.

To convey confidence, EQI wanted a look and feel that was modern, but also appropriate for adults who are not familiar with mobile apps. We created a complete Design system from scratch with componentization and a consistent style guide.


We developed several solutions to facilitate the payment of monthly contributions and reduce churn. The user can view the list of payments by clicking on the menu or inside a specific investment. We also added push notifications, so the app reminds them to pay again.

Simulation BG

Investment Simulation.

To recommend the best investment based on each profile, our expert Mobile Engineers created an easy-to-use interactive chart with questions on the same screen.


To increase customer engagement within the app, we empowered users to link goals to their personal dreams. That way, each dream can have a different percentage of their assets.


From day one, we knew that this MVP would be just the beginning. In the first stage, the focus was to reduce the churn of current customers. In the second stage, the focus was to acquire new customers and reduce CAC. To facilitate this evolution, we developed reusable modules and components.

The major impact was the speed at which they helped deliver what our client wanted.

Felipe Talhari

Felipe Talhari

Co-founder at EQI Investimentos


Acquired by BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America.

1k+ users in the first month and 4.6 rating on Google Play.

MVP launched and validated. We’re now supporting them with a Dedicated Team.