Swfast provides software solutions to make Food Service retail more efficient.

They engaged Cheesecake Labs to help solve a distribution challenge and to design and engineer a new application for mobile devices leveraging the Flutter cross-platform technology.

The Challenge.

The delivery market, especially with the pandemic, gained great emphasis, and with this Swfast received a lot of demand to offer a delivery solution, preferably mobile, which is where consumers go first to order on-demand food.

With large customers like Subway, Swfast had the challenge of building an application with a delightful user experience, scalability, and with the flexibility to adapt and customize for each of their retail customers.

  • Delivery
  • Mobile
  • Scalable
  • White-Label
  • Customizable
  • Delightful UX

The Solution.

Through the collaboration, it was determined that developing a white-label application which automatically publishes updates would be the best approach across the retail customer base.

Flutter was chosen as the technology to solve this problem since it's well established in the market and in the developer community, with high performance, it affords the opportunity to create custom components for both platforms (Android and iOS) efficiently.

For the architecture, several development patterns were used such as Atomic Design and State Management with bloc patterns. This approach helped to increase velocity on the construction of the app in addition to the cross-platform technology.

Fully Editable White-Label.

When deploying a similar mobile experience across many brands in the same business segment, white-label apps are a good opportunity to consider. Benefits range from speed to delivery, cost savings, proven use cases, tested user experiences and core features to run your business.

Prior to deployment, with the backend already in place, most of the work for launch consists of tweaking the branding, visual design, and turning certain features on and off - all to fit the needs of the retail brand.

Food Delivery.

Don’t wanna leave the house for food? Browse the menu of your favorite restaurant app, enter your address, place an order now - and voila, it is delivered.


Down to pick it up yourself? Browse the menu and order takeout to skip the line.

Scan to order.

Feel like dining out today? Simply scan a QR code, order, and pay right from your phone after dinner is over.

Cheesecake Labs helped us scale the creation of applications to our clients by developing a white-label approach with Flutter technology.

Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes

Business Director @ Swfast


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