Before the acquisition by Chamberlain Group, Lockitron was one of the first smart locks controlled via smartphone.

They consulted Cheesecake Labs to refactor the product and scale it to Android, iOS, and wearables.

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Knowing the project


Lockitron already had a working version of an iOS app. This allowed us to study the current interface and how it worked. Our first step was to map all the existing screens and actions in a flow chart, enabling us to understand all the app features.

Designing the new interface


After knowing what worked and what should be improved, our team planned the new interface with sketches and wireframes. This allowed us to design both iOS and Android screens in quick iterations, following the specifications of each guideline.

Drawing a new look and feel


Our expert designers then created high-fidelity mockups that reflected exactly what the final apps would look like, taking into account the Lockitron's visual identity.

Shared access


Users can securely invite family, friends, and colleagues to control the smart locks on a temporary or permanent basis.

Proximity sense


With Lockitron Sense, the user's smartphone will automatically detect the lock while approaching it and help to unlock it faster through notifications, tap gestures, or even in a completely automated fashion, unlocking as you approach the door.



With workplace and home, both shifting towards IoT devices, we helped Lockitron innovate by exploring wearable technology. Our expert team designed and built an app for users to seamlessly manage their locks using an Apple Watch or Android Smartwatch.

Real-time alerts


With Lockitron's activity feed, users can get real-time notifications from the app anytime the door opens and closes so they know when loved ones come and go.

Control from anywhere


Users can unlock doors without keys from close ranges through Bluetooth connection and also far from home through the web to let a contractor, housecleaner, or family member into their home anytime from anywhere in the world.

The biggest reason we went with Cheesecake is because they had already worked on a number of other impressive Silicon Valley apps, and contributed to the success of those companies.

Cameron Robertson

Cameron Robertson

CEO @ Lockitron



my Q

Acquired by Chamberlain Group and integrated into myQ so users can control their garage and residential doors with one app.

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