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Unlock your door without keys

The Project

Unlock your door without keys! Lockitron is a smart lock kit that you install on your door to get rid of your physical keys and share access with family members, friends or work partners. It can be controlled by using your iOS or Android phone or even the web, in case you have Bridge installed. It comes along with a series of features to help you invite people, control their access, get their activity history and auto unlock your door when you return home.

I. Information Architecture

Knowing the project

Lockitron already had a working version of an iOS app. This allowed us to study the current interface and study how it worked. All the old app screens and actions were mapped in a flow chart, enabling us to understand all the features of the app.

II. Wireframing

Designing the new interface

After knowing what worked and what didn't, it was time to start planning the new interface with sketches and wireframes. This allowed us to design both iOS and Android screens in quick iterations, following the specifications of each guideline.

III. High-Fidelity Mockups

Drawing a new look and feel

With all the screens planned, it was time to polish them and make them stand out. We created high-fidelity mockups, that reflected exactly what the final apps would look like, taking into account the company's visual identity.

Design Stack

Navigation Flow

Technology Stack

Objective C
Android SDK
Google Analytics

Share access

You can run Lockitron in any iOS or Android device, from which you can control your door and share access to family members and friends either permanently or for a limited period. Lockitron also offers a web platform that can be used for controlling the Lockitron models that are compliant with web connection.


With Lockitron Sense your door unlocks for you as you return home. With this configuration turned on, your phone will automatically detect your lock while you are approaching it and can help you unlocking faster through notifications, tap gestures or even in a completely automated fashion, unlocking as you approach the door.

Real-time alerts

Is your door locked? Who was the last person to get in or out? With Lockitron's Activity feed, you are able to check the activity history at any time for your safety and control. You can also set up alerts for specific members who get in or out.

Control from anywhere

With the Bolt model you can unlock your door without keys from close ranges through Bluetooth connection. By adding up the Bridge model, you are able to expand those boundaries and control access to your home from anywhere through the web.

Cameron Robertson

“ The folks at Cheesecake are highly organized. They’re inclined to have regular meetings to ensure that we’re keeping a good pace and in sync with project goals. ”


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