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Full-stack Engineering

Crafting gorgeous full-stack products is our core business at Cheesecake Labs. Driven by mobile, back-end and front-end challenges, through a specialized and flexible development process, we love working with creative solutions like: distributed mobile processing, natural language processing, neural networks, innovative mobile medias and social networks, elastic databases, big data clusters, front-end rendering and many more. With an interdisciplinary team of collaborators, design, engineering and project management are tied together with the (constantly updated) strategic plan.

UI/UX Design

We start by brainstorming the product concepts with you to make sure we fully understand them, enabling the creation of the first wireframes. After validating the screens and flow, an interactive and dynamic mock-up is created to ensure that the real experience makes sense and that all edge cases are covered. Once the interface and UX are well-defined, modular and reusable graphic elements are created and integrated to create the MVP. With the application in production, scroll/click heatmaps, A/B tests and other analytics tools are used to understand the user behavior, creating a feedback system that helps defining new milestones to continuously evolve the application's experience.

Decision Support

We will be right by your side on each step of the development process. Our decision support includes brainstorming possible technology stacks and system architectures to build scalable products with modular and organized code, creating milestones and metrics to optimize the production speed and quality, and building teams to consolidate expertises in any environment.

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