Discover how Cheesecake Labs partnered with the Fintech Fig Loans to create a new front‑end web experience

A payday loan alternative.

Fig Loans is a fintech startup that provides installment loans to people with low or no credit who find it hard to borrow money. They offer a better alternative to payday loans and aim to help people build credit. The startup has grown fast, and they quickly outgrew their front-end web experience. Without the in-house resources to update it themselves, Fig Loans' founder Jeff Zhou, started looking for help with their redesign. He wanted a long-term partner who could support Fig’s quickly growing tech needs and that's why he choose Cheesecake Labs.

Our team wanted to work collaboratively but quickly with Jeff and his team to get them the website they wanted. After receiving the designs from Fig Loans, Cheesecake Labs engineering team provided cost estimates and expected time frames to bring the desired website to life.

Delivering efficiency.

We took the designs Fig Loans had created and implemented a fully-featured front end in just 2 months.

During development, Fig Loans expanded the scope of the project, and the Cheesecake Labs team was able to deliver everything they required within this short time frame.

Creating the best user flow with React.

The Cheesecake Labs team chose to develop the project in React and Gatsby. We wanted to make sure the user flow was seamless. After all, Fig Loans is all about making it easy for people to borrow money. It only made sense to make sure their new website made that process as simple and straightforward as possible.

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Making the front‑end and back‑end work in harmony.

Once the Cheesecake Labs engineering team finished creating the front end, it was time to turn the focus toward the back end.

We helped Fig Loans determine how the back end should behave to help it perfectly integrate with the new front end that we developed. When they’re ready to launch their new site, everything will work smoothly together.

Integrating with third‑party APIs.

One of the essential parts of this project was making sure Fig Loans’ new site was integrated with various third-party APIs. This functionality is critical when people are putting their trust — and their personal and financial details — in a company’s hands. That’s why we built the site to integrate with financial platform Plaid’s APIs and other third-party services that help with things like document recognition.

Fig Loans wanted a partner to help them navigate updating their tech. And Cheesecake Labs always aims to fulfill that role, understanding that the best results come from a close and supportive working relationship. Our objective is to merge the two teams, creating a dedicated team that can work effectively towards the common goal.

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We interviewed a number of firms in our process and found them to be a great combination of professionalism and capacity for our given timeline. Their communication was very strong, and they were upfront about specific items that would take longer than expected. Cheesecake Labs prioritized what we needed and provided extra resources as required.

Jeff Zhou

Founder at Fig Loans

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