Sodexo is a global food services and facilities management company with over 428,237 employees working across 80 different countries. If your business is based in a serviced office, then there’s a very good chance you’ve engaged with Sodexo — even if you didn’t know it.

Fleet and fuel management is a key part of Sodexo’s service, delivered to market via Wizeo: Sodexo’s platform for effective, real-time management of fleets and fuel.

Understanding the Road Ahead


Wizeo is the main brand of Sodexo’s Fuel and Fleet activity arm, helping users save, manage, and control fuel costs.

When Sodexo came to Cheesecake Labs, the Wizeo app had been in the market for a couple of years — used by drivers to locate Sodexo’s accredited network and manage the balance and purchases with their Wizeo card.

But the user experience was far from on the straight-and-narrow.

The Challenge


Sodexo reached out to Cheesecake Labs with the aim of creating a new mobile experience for the Wizeo app using React Native.

A new design had been created to transform the user experience and the business was counting on a software development partner, like us, to deliver on the vision. If they could get the Wizeo app right, it had the potential to be rolled out to several other regions across the world to offer effective fleet and fuel management throughout Sodexo’s network.

The new UX design was disruptive — going beyond what similar apps deliver — giving the Cheesecake Labs development team a creative challenge of their own. But with our white-glove service and expert mobile engineers, we were able to deliver the innovative experience that Sodexo had envisioned.

Multiple cards management


Now, a driver can have access to multiple Wizeo cards at once. They can track each card's purchases with the app and know which stations and services were used.

Smart map


Drivers can easily find nearby stations that accept the Wizeo fuel card and also see the prices in real-time, add gas stations to favorites, and find the best route to get there.

Planned route


Drivers can plan their routes and find the cheapest stations along the way to spend less on fuel.



Simple drawing of the world globe.

The new-and-improved Wizeo app is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English for Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. And it will soon expand to other countries, too.