Tapcart is a game-changing SaaS platform that allows Shopify merchants to create, launch, and manage mobile shopping apps with no coding required.

Cheesecake Labs has been responsible for Android app development for more than two years.

The challenge.

After launching more than 300 iOS apps in less than one year, Tapcart entered into a high-growth mode and was ready to expand on to Android. The Android version needed to fulfill the high expectations set by the iOS version with immediate usage for its customers.

We identified the core features, defined the priorities and started building the second rocket.

Integrating teams and workflow.

When Cheesecake Labs started the Android app, Tapcart already had a strong in-house iOS development team located in Santa Monica, California.

We agreed on the best workflow to ensure both teams would work together effectively, and we continually reviewed their technical documentation and iOS codebase.

Design Adaptation.

To build a native Android app with a delightful look and feel, we adapted core elements of the app to adhere to Android design principles and best practices.

The Right App Architecture.

Our expert developers defined a modular Android app architecture, following the most recent Google guidelines, to ensure the app would scale along the journey to pair the successful iOS app.

The app architecture also foresaw a white-label structure to launch custom native apps for different brands from the same codebase.

Google Instant

With Google Play Instant, people can try a native Android app before installing it. Our team had close support from Google to explore this recent technology, enabling a fast way to experience an Android app, driving more installs, and increasing purchase conversion of the ecommerce.

Google Pay

To increase mobile conversion rate and decrease checkout times, Cheesecake Labs implemented Google Pay, a simple and secure way for Android users to checkout on mobile by entering their payment and shipping information with a single tap.

If you want to work with some of the most talented, professional, and honest people, Cheesecake has them.

Eric Netsch

Eric Netsch

Founder & CEO @ Tapcart

2+ years

working together.


Android apps launched.


users on Fashion Nova Android app.


Tapcart recently raised $10M and is expanding from a single product offering into a suite of mobile commerce tools.