LYS Academy is an EdTech startup that implements educational courses through WhatsApp for enterprises' workforce.

They consulted Cheesecake Labs to design and develop a communication platform using Twilio.

The Challenge.

For more than 15 years, LYS has been training external corporate employees - people who work outside their office. The opportunity to scale came with the democratization of smartphones and more than 93% of Brazilians using WhatsApp every day.

They came to us with the goal to minimize the operational work of the tutors, empowering them to easily communicate with all students through WhatsApp and manage their progress.

They needed to build a scalable platform officially integrated with WhatsApp being able to pass knowledge in a simple and practical way.

Super Admin.

Each enterprise client requires a different flow. So LYS wanted to have certain flexibility when building the courses. We mapped different types of messages and designed a flexible user flow for creating and managing courses. Then we developed the backend of their admin panel using Django and Python.

Tutor Panel.

Using a WhatsApp Web design style, we built an intuitive web platform for tutors to easily send and manage conversations with students. The frontend was built with React and the backend with Python and Django, also integrating with Twilio to send messages through WhatsApp.

Tutor Panel illustration
student-s interface illustration

Student’s Interface.

Using the best practices of Twilio and WhatsApp to avoid spam, a bot asks students for permission to send the course content also taking advantage of the 24h free messaging technique.

A great experience used by great brands.

Large enterprises are using the solution such as courses for Uber drivers and Natura’s door-to-door salespeople.

Brands using LYS

Cheesecake Labs is very professional. They have a senior, skilled team. I’m very happy working with them.

Guilherme Prado

Guilherme Prado

Founder @ LYS Academy


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More than 2 million messagewere sent and received by more than 80k students.

More than 70% of users watch all the content.