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From an environmental point of view, electric cars have to be the future. And the sooner we have the infrastructure in place for more people to drive them, the better.

Getting that right involves bringing electric car owners and electric car charging stations together in a seamless way, while on the move.


The challenge


Interest in electrical vehicles is accelerating across the world — including Brazil.

When movE, Brazil’s first Electric Vehicle charging management platform, came to Cheesecake Labs, they needed an Android and iOS app that was capable of managing this growing demand. Moreover, they needed a digital solution that empowers drivers to switch to electric with no concerns over charging accessibility or unforeseen issues.

How do you achieve that? You need to connect drivers with charging station owners across the country.


Drivers need:

  • To find their nearest charging station suitable for their needs and/or to plan stops along their route.

  • Check their own indicators and usage.

  • Purchase the relevant charge via kilometers required.


Charging station owners need:

  • To register their station and make it available to all app users.

  • See usage reports for each station — including their own.

  • Schedule recharges and disable the station whenever needed.

  • Confirm which station needs maintenance to avoid downtime.

Simple and intelligent


movE provided us with thoroughly thought-through user stories and a well-defined product mission. Next, it was our turn to take the wheel — using React Native to deliver the UX and UI for Brazil’s first app of this kind.

Simplicity was essential for movE’s platform. Drivers need quick, intelligent answers when searching for a charging station. And station owners need the otherwise complex process of station management to be as streamlined as it can be.

OCPP built in


Every build comes with its unique regulations and legal landscape. movE’s was no different.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a standard open-source communication protocol implemented by the market’s main EV charging stations, used to control and communicate within networks.

With different implementations available in the market, we had the challenge of integrating OCPP version 1.6 — creating a fully stable communication channel between charging stations and our backend, allowing station owners greater control via the app to manage their stations in real-time.

Using QR codes, drivers can pay for the recharging service in seconds — all within the app.

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Smart reporting


Tracking power usage is essential for both electric car drivers and the owners of each station.

We made real-time reporting an integrated feature of the new movE platform, giving drivers peace of mind and helping station owners plan each day.

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AES Investment

As of August 2021, movE’s platform is ready to hit the market as an MVP — and the Electric Vehicle app to launch in Brazil. movE has also received investment from Fortune 500 energy company, AES Brasil’s, Startup Acceleration Program.

Better Experience

We’re confident that the digital experience we’ve delivered will support electric car drivers and charging station owners, helping make the electric car market more accessible for a broader number of people.