Incubated by TriplePoint PR, a leading video game agency, Woovit is the enterprise solution for video game influencer marketing.

Cheesecake Labs has been the design and engineering team behind Woovit's platform for 4+ years.

The Challenge.

Key distribution is a formidable challenge for game studios and publishers of all sizes. So Woovit wanted to automate code distribution to content creators on Youtube and Twitch and bring more value to publishers to manage their influencer campaigns inside the platform.

They plugged in a dedicated team from Cheesecake Labs, including designers, engineers, and QA led by a project manager.


Our entire process is extremely collaborative, so we made sure to connect with Woovit’s team on a personal level and make them part of this fun journey every step of the way.

Whether it’s the weekly Zoom meetings or day-to-day updates on Slack, we continuously interacted with Woovit to thoughtfully iterate the product.

Activity Feed.

Tens of millions of creators are making videos globally. Our expert team created an easy way for game publishers to be up-to-date with all the inbound requests and manage existing relationships with content creators.

Campaign Reports.

Woovit automates the reporting of key deliveries and delivery of videos for publishers. In a click of a button, it instantly aggregates information on those participating in a specific campaign.

Interest Lists.

Before, marketing campaigns could only start when the game was officially published. With Woovit, publishers can set a release date for a new game, which will be shown to their favorite creators, helping them gather a list of interested creators well before they've got codes available.

White and Blocklist.

To automate new campaigns, game publishers can add good creators to the whitelist and block others from getting game codes.

Their clear communication is one of their standout qualities.

Richard Kain

Richard Kain

Founder @ Woovit


We've worked for 4 years with Woovit.

More than 18k streamers on the platform.

Used by big publishers of good old games.

We're also proud of.

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