FindHeli is the pioneer helicopter booking platform in Europe.

They consulted Cheesecake Labs to design and build a delightful mobile and web experience, powered by a robust and scalable backend solution.

Building a global application from scratch


After understanding the concept and the goals from the business model, we went through a process of defining the features to build a product with our client's vision.

We then decided on the technology stack and the scalability roadmap based on the best balance between time-to-market, expected budget, and desired user experience.

Since it was essential to easily distribute the app to a broader user base, we envisioned the first release with a PWA (Progressive Web App), followed by iOS to offer the performance and feel of a native application.

Image showing an example of the open FindHeli appImage showing an example of the open FindHeli app

User experience


Our team envisioned a navigation flow in which users can easily find the best helicopter option based on take off/drop off location, departure time/date, then booking a flight and paying instantly once the provider confirms the availability.

Visual design


When the time came to design the interface of the app, we learned that leisure and business travelers feel more comfortable with a booking interface they were familiar with. So the design aesthetic was inspired by a notable player from the hotel booking industry.

A bespoke icon set


We designed a unique set of icons to enhance the app's interface. By giving clear feedbacks on key interactions, we managed to make a complex flow look truly intuitive to users.

Image of a helicopter carrying a card

An efficient responsive layout


Though it was expected that most of the users would engage more with the mobile app, it was also important to offer a stunning experience on desktop.

Our team designed a responsive layout to bring the intuitive mobile interface to the web, adopting reusable components to write a code that is flexible and easy to maintain.

Image of a tablet screen showing a card and a formImage of a phone screen showing a form

The booking experience


Our team focus was that users shouldn’t have to go through unnecessarily lengthy steps to make their flight reservations. So we combined design and engineering to build an app that is fluid and easy to use, guaranteeing an outstanding booking experience.

Backend engine & payment processing


The backend of the application is engineered in Python, offering users excellent performance and flexibility to scale the app, and to embrace future changes.

Our app integrates with a world-class payment gateway, supporting multiple countries and currencies, and assuring all personal data used for payment processing is secured and GDPR-compliant.

Example of a phone showing a card

Control panel for data management


FindHeli also wanted to help helicopter operators by speeding up the booking process and improving their services. Our backend team integrated the app with Salesforce, providing an easy to use control panel where operators can manage fleet operations, aircraft, crew, customer requests, and more.

Location-based offers & nearby heliports


In addition to offering users custom bookings based on take-off and drop off locations, we worked with the client to incorporate special offers of scenic flights. We used location data to promote it on specific cities and help guide the user on nearby heliports.

Image of a smartphone showing a formPhoto of a smartphone showing a map

Download the app and get to booking a fantastic flight experience.

The app is available in more than 10 countries and offers more than 300 helicopter providers – and counting!

Image of an example of the flight summary
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Image of an example of the flight summary