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Cryptocurrency wallet development: the 6 most important aspects

In 2017, cryptocurrencies exploded into the mainstream. Around the world, millions of people began investing in digital coins all at once. This leap in popularity for an emerging tech was made possible by immense hype and by underlying technologies. Cryptocurrency wallets, which began development in 2012, were one of the primary technologies that allowed this vast expansion.

Today, cryptocurrency wallets come in all shapes and sizes. Businesses and startups are looking for ways to invest and capitalize on this new currency movement. 

With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can enter the cryptocurrency market with your own wallet. 

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How to create a borderless, blockchain payment platform

Despite the turbulent history they’ve had until 2021, it certainly seems like cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Likewise, a core piece of tech underpinning cryptocurrency, blockchain, is not only sticking around but working its way into a variety of sectors. 

In this guide, we’re going to cover one of the most practical blockchain applications: blockchain payment systems. 

But first, let’s start with the fundamentals. 

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What is blockchain? A guide for getting started with blockchain in your app

Over the last few years, most of us have heard about a new technology known as blockchain. Usually, we hear this new word thrown around with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but even crypto investors tend to have a limited understanding of what blockchain is. 

This guide will go through the ins and outs of blockchain, answering questions like how many blockchains are there, the benefits of blockchain, and how blockchain can be applied. 

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Getting you up to speed on Flutter versus React Native versus native development

The Cheesecake Labs team’s goal is to provide you with the best version of your digital product. And there’s no one way of getting that right.

The good news is we now have plenty of options to choose from. And, at CKL, we’re fully trained and ready to go using a range of different programming languages and frameworks — whichever is the best approach for your project. All that remains to resolve is which is better for your app when it comes to Flutter versus React Native versus native development.
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Rethinking Atomic React: an interpretation of Brad Frost’s Atomic Design to use in React projects

Atomic Design is a very widespread topic nowadays within the front-end community, but while looking at several projects, I realized that there is still  a lot of personal opinion on its implementation, and here I list some points that caught my attention throughout the years.

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Starting with Graph Databases: A Quick look into Neo4j

Let’s talk about Neo4j, a graph database that recently has attracted a significant number of fans. My goal is for you to have a brief (I promise to be quick) vision of how it works and to give you some examples to make it more tangible.

We are used to write data using tables, to relate them through primary keys and, by looking directly at the data, you only see IDs. Graph databases were designed mainly so that this doesn’t happen. Its purpose is for you to have a complete understanding when looking at the data. Continue Reading