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Technical Front-end Development

Using functional programming to create a game in JS

There has been a lot of hype around the functional programming paradigm for some time and there are a lot of great books and articles about it on the internet, but it’s not so easy to find real examples with its application. So have I decided to create a game trying to follow its concepts using Javascript, which is the most popular programming language today. In this post, I will share some of this experience and tell you if it was worth it. Continue Reading

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Rethinking Atomic React: an interpretation of Brad Frost’s Atomic Design to use in React projects

Atomic Design is a very widespread topic nowadays within the front-end community, but while looking at several projects, I realized that there is still  a lot of personal opinion on its implementation, and here I list some points that caught my attention throughout the years.

This article is not a tutorial on how to create your applications but it is intended to share my interpretation on how to best use this amazing methodology. Continue Reading

Mobile Development Android

Android Architecture Components: you are probably leaking ViewModel and might not know why

The Guide to app architecture suggests using ViewModel + Repository with LiveData in order to implement the data flow from Repository to ViewModel. If you use this approach or anything similar, there’s a high chance you could be leaking ViewModel. To help you understand and fix this issue, this article will briefly explain what a memory leak is, some of its implications, what happens when a ViewModel is leaked, why it happens and how to fix it for good.

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Business Development

Cheesecake Labs ranked Top#1 Mobile App Development Company in Latin America by Clutch

Cheesecake Labs is honored to be featured as Top #1 Mobile App Development Company by Clutch. We are very proud of our team and our work for such meaningful recognition from this leading B2B tech services research and review platforms.

Our team expertise and commitment to design, build and launch world-class mobile and web applications is reflected in our client reviews featured on Cheesecake Labs profile on Clutch. The B2B research platform’s ratings and reviews include a combination of metrics, ranging from experience in the sector and market presence to types of clients and the ability to deliver awesome results to clients. Furthermore, Clutch’s dedicated analysts interviewed our current and past clients to accurately portray our strengths on our profile.

We are excited to celebrate these accomplishments and our great clients who showed their appreciation for our work. These honors would not have been possible without the time they took to provide their detailed client reviews.

Stamp saying "Clients say we deliver on Clutch"

Here are some of our customer’s amazing comments:

“Cheesecake Labs inherited the project from another firm and successfully became the lead developers and process owners. They’ve improved in-house efficiency by making more precise estimates and holding teammates accountable. They have proven to be a trustworthy and skilled offshore partner.” – Product Manager, Singularity University

“The app meets the needs of customers around the world and the in-house team is impressed with the quality of the code. Cheesecake Labs went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their proactive approach and desire to find the best possible solutions made them a true partner.” – Head of Mobile Engineering, Tapcart

“Cheesecake Labs proved to be a resourceful development partner. They successfully delivered the product and are now working on a second version. The team made informed decisions regarding the platform’s UX and the overall project management approach.” — Founder/CTO, Meetor

“Cheesecake Labs excelled at responding to feedback and folding it into their plan. Rather than simply delivering on requirements, they focus on maximizing their all-around impact and contributing as much value as possible.” – Co-founder, Instituto NOW

We are both proud and excited for these kind reviews. We are also grateful to our talented Cakers’ team, which continues developing high-quality mobile and web applications. As Cheesecake Labs continues to strive and scale, we will keep up with our commitment to our clients.

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Clutch’s full research can be found at Top Mobile App Development Companies in Latin America

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Game Design Canvas for Google Play Challenge

Change the Game Challenge is an initiative brought by Google Play to inspire teens to build a more inclusive future for mobile gaming. The challenge was made available to girls between 15 and 21 years old attending elementary school. The prizes include get to know Google’s office in São Paulo, have access to online courses and work with Google’s partners. Isn’t that amazing?

Having said that, I wanted so much to contribute to this project!

In the end, I came up with a pretty good solution for a better understanding of game mechanics and goals, applying product thinking and storytelling techniques. I called the Game Design Canvas.

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Company culture and talents: how to find a perfect match

Have you ever wondered about your company’s cultural practices, if they match the image it gives externally and the candidate profiles it attracts?

As a Talent Acquisition in the technology and innovation market, I realize how hard it is for companies to attract and retain talents. And as I understand that attraction and retention go hand in hand, I bring here some of my insights and research into relevant attraction practices that also influence retention.

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Technical Mobile Development

First steps with React Native animations

Recently I was given the opportunity to work in a React Native project, as a developer, most of my experience was with React, so I was thrilled with expanding my knowledge in this area.

As I started studying the platform, I got really interested in how to make animations using React Native, and in this blogpost, I am going to share my experience, and create a guide for beginners on how to start animating your React Native apps. In this guide, we are going to create a Burger Button that when activated spins and turns into an X button. For this, introductory knowledge of React Native will be required.

To follow the code, use the instructions in Getting Started with React Native, and then we can start our guide.

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