Cheesecake Labs turns nine!

Cheesecake Labs team at the office

December marks Cheesecake Labs’ 9th anniversary — and what a fantastic nine years it has been!

We’re proud to be feeling bigger and better than ever as we look to 2023. If we’re yet to work together on software design and engineering, maybe we will soon?

To help explain why we’re feeling bigger and better — and why Cheesecake Labs could be the best partner to support you in delivering digital experiences in 2023 — here are nine achievements we are thrilled to have accomplished in the last 12 months.

1) Climbing the Clutch ratings — and staying there

In 2021, we were excited to announce that Cheesecake Labs made Clutch’s list of top 10 mobile app development companies for the first time. We’re even more excited to say that we’re still in that top 10 as 2023 rolls around and also the top 1 in Latin America. We have our clients to thank for that!!

Clutch is one of the highest-regarded voices in our industry, so to have their continued backing is a true testament to the work that Cakers do and how happy our clients are. After all, Clutch’s ratings are based on independent client reviews, the depth of our client roster, overall company experience, and industry recognition.

Cheesecake Labs always sets out to deliver a WOW experience to each and every client, and our Clutch Top 10 rating assures us we are achieving just that.

More about it: Cheesecake Labs: #1 web app development company in Latin America

2) Working with an exciting range of businesses

all clients of cheesecake labs in 2022

Speaking of our client roster, this last year we’ve collaborated with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to deliver global products, experienced new and exciting challenges (and received even more great client reviews!) along the way.

3) Embracing new technologies

During 2022, we’ve been increasing the use of cutting-edge technologies in our projects — and, as a result, Cakers across the company have become more familiar, experienced with, and excited by these technologies and the value they offer our clients.

2022’s projects involved any combination of:

4) Achieving 80+% revenue growth

The US and Brazilian markets have been a key focus for Cheesecake Labs in 2022. This, alongside keeping our talent engaged and happy in their roles, has led to a fantastic 84% increase in revenue year over year.

We hope to continue this trend as we enter the new year! After all, the more revenue we make, the more the team can grow, and the better we can serve our clients to deliver world-class and delightful digital experiences. 

5) Supporting social initiatives

people from the social program tectrampo at the cheesecake labs headquarters
Tectrampo students at the Cheesecake Labs headquarters

No, we don’t mean our social activity on Instagram and LinkedIn (though you should follow us there, too!). Cheesecake Labs continued to support social enterprises and causes in 2022. We

  • Helped fund social justice programs local to our HQ in Brazil via ICOM.
  • Welcomed TechTrampo students at our HQ in support of TechTrampo’s work. We fully support their aim of equipping young people from vulnerable groups with digital skills, and financial and psychological support.
  • Invested in our own Cupcaker training program, which this year ran for three months (100% remote!) with the aim of educating — and eventually hiring — young people who are interested in working for a software development agency. Diversity was a key focus this year as we prioritized women, minority groups, and participants from the TecTrampo program. By the end of the three months, two participants were offered full-time roles in Cheesecake Labs!

6) Maintaining our ‘Great Place to Work’ certification

In addition to positive client reviews, we couldn’t be happier to have also maintained a happy and engaged Caker employee base.

In 2022, Cheesecake Labs received a number of accolades in recognition of our company culture and the ethos of our workplace. We were named a top 12 company to work for in Brazil — for the sixth year running! —, besides a top 23 IT company in the country, and a top 6 company in Santa Catarina.

7) … and our Glassdoor ratings

Encontre-nos no Glassdoor.

Cheesecake Labs is finishing 2022 with a 4.9 rating on Glassdoor. 90% of interviewees have a positive experience with our People and Culture team and 97% of those who reviewed us on Glassdoor would recommend working at Cheesecake Labs to a friend.

These are not numbers we take lightly. They are a shining representation of our company culture and the hard work of our People and Culture team. Thanks to them, we continue to hire the best talent in Brazil and offer a great employee experience from first contact all the way through.

8) 1 year as Stellar Integration Expert

If you’ve been following along on our blog, then you’ll know that Cheesecake Labs doubled down on its use of, and experience with, blockchain technology in 2022. We are proud of the technical expertise we’ve extended to clients when it comes to blockchain — and Stellar development in particular. 

Perhaps you even caught our presentation at Stellar’s Meridian Conference back in October?

Cheesecake Labs’ team on the 4th Meridian Conference stage

9) Having all the key stats to back up our excitement!

It’s not just a gut feeling. We’ve been tracking some key metrics over the last year to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. Throughout 2022, we:

  • Worked 107,418+ hours on client projects
  • Grew our team across 14 different states and 41 cities in Brazil, hiring the top 0.7% of in-country talent 
  • Worked with people from 24 different nationalities 
  • Shared our expert insights via 29 articles on technology, processes, and culture
  • Sent 1,138,317 Slack messages
  • Shared 1276 pieces of feedback between our teams
  • And delivered 6,000,000+ lines of code!

2022 was one heck of a year and we’re so excited to step into 2023!! Who knows what we’ll be able to achieve by the time we turn 10?

Want to join us on the journey? Get in touch today to learn how Cheesecake Labs can deliver a WOW service for you and your business.

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