Cheesecake Labs: #1 web app development company in Latin America

web app development company in Latin America

News just in. Cheesecake Labs is thrilled to announce that, for the 3rd time in a row, we are ranked as the #1 web app development company in Latin America by Clutch. This is a massive honor and one that we’re excited to share with our clients.

Read on to learn more about this ranking and what it means for Cheesecake Labs. 

A top choice for nearshore development

For us, one of the most exciting affirmations of the Clutch positioning is that it further evidences Cheesecake Labs’ authority for nearshore development.

We’ve always been proud of our nearshore development offer — partnering with companies across the world, but still within the same or similar time zones. But now we’ve got the title of top web app development company in Latin America to support our own beliefs!

Cheesecake Labs can provide quality and timely service to our partners (and future partners!) across those time zones close to Latin America — North America, Europe, etc. — as well as in the country itself.

Businesses can partner with Cheesecake Labs knowing that they’re going to get the best of the best when it comes to software design and development services. 

clutch leader matrix software development latin america

Web app development company in Latin America: how Clutch ranks companies

To understand why this is such an honor, it’s important to look at how Clutch ranks companies. Below are the criteria that Cheesecake Labs and its competitors were judged on before being granted this ranking. 

Ability to deliver

The first metric used to determine Clutch’s ranking is a business’s ability to deliver. This metric is divided into three different segments, which you can see broken down below. 

References and reviews

web app development company in Latin America

Understandably, the most heavily-weighted metric that Clutch considers when ranking a company is the references and reviews that a business receives. This is the firsthand experience that customers have with that company, making it incredibly valuable data. 

Clutch considers factors such as how likely a customer is to recommend a business to their colleagues, how happy they are with their service, and the quality of the deliverables received. 

Clients and experience

web app development company in Latin America

Next, Clutch looks at the clients and experiences of clients with a particular business. They consider how satisfied clients are as well as how the business delivers on complex project demands. 

cheesecake labs portfolio on clutch
Cheesecake Labs’ portfolio featured on Clutch

This is done by interviewing past and present clients and reading through case studies from the company. You can check out Cheesecake Labs’ use cases here.

Market presence

web app development company in Latin America

Clutch then looks at the market presence of the business. They want to know how clear the marketing information is, how positive the opinion of the company is, whether or not they’ve received any accolades if they have a social media presence, and so on. 

Our blog — jam-packed full of information to help clients understand our development approach and learn the fundamentals — is available to read anytime

Areas of focus

The second metric used to determine a Clutch ranking is areas of focus. There are one to three areas of focus per company, with each being evaluated with quantitative data. 

A Clutch analyst will comb through this data and plot it on a matrix, at which point it is compared to the data of other businesses competing for the ranking. It’s a time-consuming and meticulous process — and one that requires careful consideration. 

This makes this metric particularly competitive and therefore an even more impressive win for the entire team here at Cheesecake Labs. 

Feedback from our amazing customers

Cheesecake Labs has been a valuable partner to us. They’ve guided us through the journey, and the team has been proactive — this is truly important for a company like ours. As first-timers in the IoT world, we’re glad that they approach the project from our perspective. They consider what we don’t know and our challenges, and then they anticipate issues and find solutions for us.

Nian Jiang, VP of Business Development & M&A at Bemis Manufacturing Company

I am impressed at the enthusiasm, genuine care for the customer, and strategic thinking of the team. CKL is not your typical nearshore agency, in that they provide much value added services above and beyond delivering code. They were very helpful with providing insight, feedback, and a customer perspective on the products they were developing

Karen Chang, VP of Product & Engineering at Stellar Development Foundation

We wouldn’t be able to operate as efficiently as we do without Cheesecake Labs. (…) Thanks to Cheesecake Labs, we’re scaling our team much more efficiently in the US than in Germany. Additionally, the customer care tooling they’ve built enables our team to do their job more efficiently.

Martin P. Rufo, VP of Operations at FINN

Thank you for being a part of what makes Cheesecake Labs great!

As proud as we are to be recognized as the best web app development company in Latin America, we couldn’t have done it without all of the wonderful customers, partners, and clients that make Cheesecake Labs what it is.

Thank you for your support — you can look forward to more great service from the team as we grow bigger and better as a digital partner.

cheesecake labs software development company latin america

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