Cheesecake Labs joins Hyperledger Foundation and introduces the Stellar Connector

cheesecake labs is a hyperledger foundation general member

Cheesecake Labs is excited to announce that we are new members of Hyperledger Foundation. We are thrilled to share this news along with the details of our new contribution to Hyperledger Cacti

About Hyperledger Foundation

Hyperledger Foundation was founded in 2015 to bring transparency and efficiency to the enterprise market by fostering a thriving ecosystem around open-source blockchain software technologies. 

As a project of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation coordinates a community of member and nonmember organizations, individual contributors, and software developers building enterprise-grade platforms, libraries, tools, and solutions for multi-party systems using blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies. All Hyperledger code is built publicly and available under the Apache license. 

Organizations join the Hyperledger Foundation to demonstrate technical leadership, collaborate and network with others, and raise awareness of their enterprise blockchain community efforts.

Members include industry-leading organizations in finance, banking, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing, technology and beyond. 

To learn more about Hyperledger Foundation, visit

Cheesecake Labs is delighted to join Hyperledger Foundation

Here’s what Cheesecake Labs CEO, Marcelo Gracietti had to say about joining Hyperledger Foundation:

Cheesecake Labs is delighted to join Hyperledger Foundation and collaborate with community members to tap into the potential of the blockchain ecosystem. With over five years of experience in the field and a decade of experience delivering digital solutions through software design and engineering services in the US and Brazil, we truly believe in blockchain’s ability to tackle real-world issues. We’re eager to unveil our contribution to Hyperledger Cacti that extends interoperability by connecting Stellar Soroban to the Hyperledger ecosystem.

Bringing unity to a fragmented blockchain ecosystem

The current blockchain ecosystem is fragmented. From a user perspective, this fragmentation limits the potential of the technology. Each network has its own ethos to handle security, privacy, and governance. 

At Cheesecake Labs, we believe in the power and potential of diversity within the blockchain ecosystem. However, we also believe that the path forward isn’t silos but rather connections. If we can find ways to connect different blockchain networks, we can expand their capabilities. 

We firmly believe that interoperability shouldn’t just be a buzzword — it should be a reality. 

That’s why we’ve been working on a new project using Hyperledger Cacti, a tool to solve interoperability issues. 

Hyperledger Cacti is an ambitious interoperability framework maintained by the Hyperledger Foundation and key community members. It’s built to link blockchain technologies and run transactions spanning multiple networks while preserving each network’s security, privacy, and governance.

Plus, Hyperledger Cacti enables networks to orchestrate transactions across boundaries while maintaining their autonomy and carrying out transactions directly while avoiding the need for a central or common settlement chain. 

Announcing the new Stellar Connector for Hyperledger Cacti

We are now proud and eager to announce the newest connector: The Stellar Connector

The Stellar Connector works with Hyperledger Cacti’s method of abstracting the application layer from the DLT protocol, allowing DLT networks to interact with atomic transactions and state commits. This first version of the Stellar Connector allows bridging assets between Stellar Soroban and Hyperledger Besu.

Connectors are a fundamental component of Hyperledger Cacti, enabling seamless communication between different blockchain networks. By acting as bridges, connectors facilitate interactions like connecting to nodes, fetching data, deploying smart contracts, and executing transactions.

This modular approach decouples the business logic from the underlying blockchain protocols, allowing developers to focus on building applications without worrying about the intricacies of each blockchain’s architecture. Plus, this design ensures that various blockchains maintain their unique features while participating in interoperable transactions.

How the Stellar connector works

The Stellar Connector integrates the Stellar network with Hyperledger Cacti, exemplifying how connectors enhance interoperability. This connector specifically handles the protocols and functionalities unique to Stellar, like its consensus mechanism and transaction model.

By supporting Soroban, Stellar’s smart contracts platform, the Stellar Connector enables developers to deploy, manage, and execute smart contracts on Stellar through the Cacti framework.

This integration allows for sophisticated use cases that leverage Stellar’s capabilities, such as cross-border payments and asset transfers, within a broader interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

The modularity of Hyperledger Cacti, combined with the specialized functionality of connectors like the Stellar Connector, creates a robust and flexible interoperability framework. This setup not only accelerates development and enhances security but also ensures scalability.

As new blockchain technologies emerge, additional connectors can be developed and integrated, making Cacti a versatile tool for diverse applications.

By focusing on the connectors’ role in managing cross-chain interactions, Hyperledger Cacti provides a standardized yet adaptable infrastructure that supports a wide range of blockchain solutions, driving innovation and facilitating seamless cross-network operations.

This first version of the Stellar Connector enables the integration of Stellar’s Soroban smart contracts platform with Hyperledger Cacti. It facilitates asset bridging between Stellar Soroban and other ecosystems by establishing the groundwork for interoperable smart contract interactions within the Cacti framework.

Coming soon

We’re excited to continue developing this powerful extension and plan to add new elements, including support for Stellar’s classic transactions and further enhancements to ensure robust and versatile interoperability solutions.

Cheesecake Labs is fully jumping into its Hyperledger Foundation membership by contributing a powerful extension to Hyperledger Cacti. We welcome their engagement with our community and their commitment to advancing interoperability in general and Cacti in particular. Creating a bridge between Stellar Soroban and Hyperledger Besu will make it faster and easier to break silos and unlock value across a number of use cases.

said Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager, Blockchain and Identity, at the Linux Foundation.

Showcasing the Stellar Connector at Consensus 

Cheesecake Labs will be at Consensus 2024 at Hyperledger Foundation’s booth to showcase the Stellar Connector. We’re excited to showcase how the Stellar Connector connects Stellar Soroban to the Hyperledger ecosystem.

Come join us on May 29th at 3 p.m. and 30th at 2 p.m. (Austin time) for two exciting presentations by our CBDO, Douglas Silva.

The May 29th session will introduce our work with the Hyperledger Cacti community, including the Stellar Connector. On May 30th, Doug will demonstrate how the Stellar Connector can be used by showcasing a use case.   

If you’re heading to Consensus, we hope to see you there!

Learn more about our work with Hyperledger Cacti

We look forward to all the exciting opportunities that will come from being members of Hyperledger Foundation and everything that comes next for the Stellar Connector in collaboration with the Hyperledger Cacti community.

Head to “Discover the Stellar Connector for Hyperledger Cacti” to learn more about this work.

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