Why work in a top 10 mobile app company?

10 mobile app company

Cheesecake Labs was built around people who work together. We wanted to make sure our team was creating value for our clients and the world. We have always kept in mind connecting Brazil with the larger tech community in Silicon Valley and around the world. So how do we do that? Let’s take a peek inside the kitchen and see what ingredients come together to make Cheesecake Labs such an awesome working environment and the top 10 mobile app company worldwide

10 mobile app company: implementing our values from day one

A company without clear values is like a cheesecake without the cheese — it’s just not right! So we made sure to clearly define our key values and designed our company culture around them. 

The Cheesecake Labs values are: 


Take ownership and be responsible 

We align expectations, set boundaries, and work hard to find the best solutions. We assume responsibility, take the initiative, and communicate clearly to keep all parts in sync.

When you join Cheesecake Labs, you become a “Caker,” and our values guide a Caker’s experience from day one. New Cakers are given a chance to hit the ground running with a checklist on their first day. That list includes the standard employee onboarding information, but it’s more than that. We set you loose and have you learn by doing. You have to discover some things on your own, find the right people to answer your questions, and then meet with team leaders to learn more about what each team does within the company.

This approach gives new Cakers a sense of empowerment and ownership over their entry into the company. And it lines up with our first value: take ownership and be responsible. Each new Caker is trusted to take responsibility and make their new role their own. The rest of the team is there to support you (of course), but we believe that the best way to get your feet wet is to just jump in!


Respect people and embrace differences 

We stand for well-being and respect. Our diversity helps us build more creative and innovative solutions. Our partners have different backgrounds and offer exciting problems to solve.

We truly believe that the best team is made up of all different kinds of people. The more diverse our team, the more unique our approach to our work can be. We are an equal opportunity employer and look for the best person for the job, no matter what. 

And we often find that when we’re celebrating and embracing each other’s differences, that’s when we grow and learn the most. For example, every year, we celebrate Pride. But we don’t just add rainbow flags to our email signatures and call it a day. 

Instead, we set aside time to get together and host our own Pride Week. This event brings different people together to discuss experiences and issues in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our goal is to learn more each year and promote important discussions that support the LGBTQIA+ community — both in and outside of Cheesecake Labs. 

It’s our goal to create a workplace where everyone feels 100% safe to be exactly who they are. Because we can only do our best work when we’re able to be our best selves.


Collaborate and help others grow

We grow and learn faster together. We share knowledge with the community and go beyond to help others succeed.

One of the things we most look for when hiring new Cakers is a willingness to keep learning. We pride ourselves on running a business with a flat structure, where everyone can share knowledge and expertise with everyone. If it’s your first day on the job and you know something that would help someone who’s been at Cheesecake Labs for five years, we want to hear it! We operate on a system of continuous learning and are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge base. We’ve found that collaboration is, hands down, the absolute best way to learn. 

We’re also dedicated to mentorship and professional development. You’re supported and guided through a one-to-one mentorship from your first day. Your mentor acts as your leader through the ups and downs of life at Cheesecake Labs. And with them, you always have a safe space to express your ideas — but also your fears, insecurities, concerns, and more. 

And don’t think that you won’t have a voice at Cheesecake Labs just because you’re new on the job. We operate a flat structure that thrives on feedback. And we’re not just talking about feedback from senior team members to fresh oven Cakers. Anyone can offer up or request feedback from anyone else at any level of the company. You’ll even see Cupcakers (our trainees!) giving feedback to senior staffers. We believe that we’re all on this journey together — so it’s vital to learn from each other and find ways to contribute to and improve our company culture. 


Deliver a WOOOW service

We encourage original thoughts and ideas to propose creative and innovative solutions, aiming to exceed expectations with win-win partnerships.

Sometimes, clients come to us with unique problems that need unique solutions. And we’re a very fast-paced company. Ask any Caker, and they’ll tell you that three months at Cheesecake Labs is like a year anywhere else. So we encourage people to be creative and agile in their work. 

We want to find the absolute best solution for our clients and blow them away with our deliverables. Whether that’s investigating new technologies or features, reaching out to partners for advice, or putting together beautiful, fully-featured and functional applications for clients in record time, we’re all about big ideas and big results. 


We already have 100 Cakers — you could be next!

If becoming a Caker sounds like something you’re interested in, check out our current openings and apply! You’ll get all the benefits and support you need to be the best Caker possible. We think that we do a really good job of creating an exciting, engaging, and supportive environment that lets you do your best work. 

Sure, you get a job when you come to work for us. But you’re also getting so, so much more. We offer a unique benefits package that includes a monthly dolar bonus, a credit card for flexible benefits so you can use it according to your needs, a fully-loaded Macbook Pro, Gympass discounts, health and dental insurance, Free remote English classes, a budget for personal and professional development, and the choice to work wherever you want. 

But, more importantly, you’re joining a welcoming, supportive community of high-performance professionals. 


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our employees have to say: 


“I have just joined the company and have already been taken by a huge feeling of belonging…The environment is dynamic and encourages autonomy, but at the same time, the teams are united…Even after only 16 days, I feel at home among friends.” 

  • Diefani Piovezan, Software Engineer


“Have you ever walked into a party and felt like the most popular person in the room — where everyone’s like, “Hey man, great to see you!” or “I’m so glad you could make it”?

Now imagine having that feeling every morning when you switch on your computer to log in to work. That’s what my first few months in the Cheesecake Labs team have been like. And, for my first full-time job in mobile development, I couldn’t be more psyched to be part of this culture.”

  • Érico Rosiki Weber, Mobile Engineer


“Sure, we’re a software design and engineering partner, but technology isn’t the only thing that matters here.

Professional and personal development is something that’s always been a priority for me — and that’s echoed back by the Cheesecake Labs team 100%. After all, the better we feel in the jobs we’re doing, the better job we can do for our clients.” 

  • Guilherme Rodrigues, Tech Lead


Come join the Cheesecake Labs team and experience what it means to work at a top 10 mobile app company for yourself!

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