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The new set of services covers consulting and development of platforms and digital products across the main blockchain technologies, an area in which the company was recognized as a leader in Latin America in 2023 (Top Blockchain Company Latin America, Clutch, 2023).


Cheesecake Labs, a design and software engineering company, recognized as the Top 1 Software Developer in Latin America, according to Clutch, launches a set of services focused on Blockchain that includes consulting and development in the areas of asset tokenization, stablecoins, CBDC, tokenomics, smart contracts, dApps, NFT, web3, decentralized finance (DeFi), among others.

Resulting from the work of more than 3 years supporting renowned Banks and financial institutions in the US, Brazil, the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Ukraine, in their blockchain innovations, the new ‘Blockchain Services’ by Cheesecake Labs emerged from the company’s expertise in digital products to develop solutions business outcomes such as consumer impact, revenue growth, and cost reduction.

Practical experience is a decisive factor to be able to consistently deliver results in the Blockchain. Cheesecake Labs had the opportunity to develop in this area by helping big brands, such as Bitt, TASCOMBANK, Mercado Bitcoin and Hyperspace, among others.

Douglas da Silva, CBDO at Cheesecake Labs.

Focused mainly on fast-growing Startups, Fintechs, and Banks, the new services were designed to operate in two scenarios:

  1. Banks and Large Companies: They understand that they need to explore blockchain but are not sure where and how to start. These companies seek help in evaluating and choosing technology, as well as defining and implementing the most promising Blockchain services for their company within a competitive landscape.
  2. Startups: they already have a strategic vision of the product/service and their greatest need is to implement a solution that is quickly and innovatively feasible in the market. They need support to capture the specific needs of the business and build the solution in an effective way.

Services are delivered through teams of specialists that meet consulting needs: how to explore opportunities, define the products to be developed and the most adherent technologies — as well as the implementation and development of the solution.

Services span technologies such as Stellar and Ethereum, and other EVM Based networks such as Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. In this pool of technologies, Stellar occupies a prominent place.

As an official integration partner and having a portfolio of work already done with the company, Cheesecake Labs works directly with Stellar in the implementation of tailored solutions for customers.

Cheesecake Labs’s engineers have acquired a deep understanding of how Stellar’s network and ecosystem work, allowing a defined development process to emerge that streamlines technical and business perspectives for digital product creation.

Cheesecake Labs shares Gartner’s view that after a period called ‘the winter of blockchain’, IT leaders now must prepare for the inevitable ‘spring’ of blockchain technology on the horizon, which brings with it significant opportunities for digital business. According to the consultancy, blockchain can generate up to US$ 3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030. We are prepared for this scenario, our team focused on the blockchain has tripled in the last two years and the technology already represents 30% of our revenue.

Marcelo Gracietti, CEO at Cheesecake Labs.
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Discover more brands, industries, and use cases supported by Cheesecake Labs:

  • BITTNorth American fintech of software aimed at digital currency systems: Integration of private blockchain network to Stellar network of a DCMS (digital currency management system) product, which serves banks in several countries.
  • TASCOMBANK – Commercial bank in Ukraine: We made it possible to issue and distribute the digital version of the Hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) on the Stellar public network.
  • MERCADO BITCOIN – Unicorn Fintech, considered one of the largest crypto asset brokerages in Latin America: Implementation of the LIFT project of the Central Bank of Brazil. We developed a pilot application for a DvP (Delivery versus Payment) use case that combined an investment token and a version of the digital Real, on the Stellar network.
  • HYPERSPACE – A marketplace with Solana NFT and NFT flex services: we help Solana’s largest NFT marketplace to improve and optimize its web portal.
  • STELLAR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION – Based in San Francisco, Stellar is an open-source blockchain network that makes it possible to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money: We helped SDF develop Stellar Aid Assist, a solution to provide financial assistance for humanitarian purposes using digital solutions at scale through the Stellar network. This platform is being used by support organizations like UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) to provide aid to qualified Ukrainian refugees.
  • eCURRENCY – Provider of security technology solutions, enabling central banks to issue CBDC —​ and ANZ – AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND BANKING GROUP: We helped eCurrency and ANZ build a use case for CBDC on a public network for the challenge of innovation from BANK OF INDONESIA (Central Bank of Indonesia).
  • CENTRAL BANK OF BRAZIL: We worked with the Central Bank of Brazil, Mercado Bitcoin, and Stellar in the LIFT Challenge, a project for the development of solutions for the tokenization of Real Digital, creating a CBDC. We developed a use case with DvP transactions (Delivery vs Payment), which combined a precatory investment token and a packaged version of Real Digital.

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