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The Grocery List: 6 reasons why Florianópolis is just like San Francisco

Here in Brazil, the private financing sector is stirring the tech market all over the country. We are now able to aim higher, in terms of startups, because of the cash injection that is being made by these VCs and private equity companies, filling a void of early investment. For instance, HIG Capital, an American private investment firm, invested about US$15 million in a software called PSafe, which offers free security in users’ data. And that kind of bet is not different in Florianópolis. Hidden between idyllic beaches and high-standard condos, there are plenty of tech entrepreneurs (also in mobile applications) trying to make it in the big scene, achieving their goals and getting global. But can we be a little over the board and snobby, stating that this small island of ours is the new San Fran? Well, these are 6 reasons why Floripa is just like San Francisco.

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