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Cheesecake Labs, one of the top ten mobile app developers globally, offers a full range of Android application development services. We help companies create unique apps that look great and work flawlessly. If you’re ready to talk about your Android app today, let’s do it! Read on if you want to know more about why we should be your Android app development company.

Android Development Services .

Cheesecake Labs is not just an Android app developer but an end-to-end, full-service Android app development company. From the initial consultation, we’re focused on defining, developing, and deploying your app to meet your business goals. Here’s how Cheesecake Labs works with you at every step to bring your idea to market as a successfully deployed app.

  • Android app development consultation

    Cheesecake Labs helps you define the scope of your Android app and works with you to understand your target market. As an Android app development company, we help align your app’s features to match users’ needs and your business goals. Cheesecake Labs can also help you take an iOS app and launch it for Android by assessing it, providing feedback, and defining the development roadmap.

  • Android app design

    Cheesecake Labs provides complete user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design using scaleable Android native development platforms.

  • Custom Android application development services

    Cheesecake Labs builds Android applications to your exact requirements and specifications from the ground up. Unlike some Android app development companies, we also have the expertise to take an existing iOS app and migrate it to work with Android devices. We did this for Tapcart, whose in-house iOS team developed an app that allowed merchants to create, launch, and manage shopping apps with no coding required. Our droid app developers worked with TapCart's team to match the iOS functionality, resulting in over 1 million additional Android users.

  • Android app testing

    Our QA and Android engineers continually test each application throughout the design and development process to ensure the final product works properly.

  • Cross-platform development and deployment

    Cheesecake Labs isn’t only an Android app development company. We also specialize in web and iOS development. We develop apps that take full advantage of cross-platform deployment.

What sets us apart ?

The biggest reason we went with Cheesecake is because they had already worked on a number of other impressive Silicon Valley apps and contributed to the success of those companies.

Cameron Robertson

Cameron Robertson

CEO @ Lockitron

Cheesecake Labs helped us scale the creation of applications to our clients by developing a white-label approach with Flutter technology.

Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes

Business Director @ Swfast

Cheesecake Labs is reinventing the meaning of collaborative development with remote teams.

Carter Maslan

Carter Maslan

CEO @ Camio

If you want to work with some of the most talented, professional, and honest people, Cheesecake has them.

Eric Netsch

Eric Netsch

Founder @ Tapcart

The major impact was the speed at which they helped deliver what our client wanted.

Felipe Talhari

Felipe Talhari

Co-founder @ EQI Investimentos

Cheesecake Labs has been a dream development partner. They do quality work and are extremely skilled, communicative, and motivated. They are a seamless extension of our team!

Joseph Abraham

Joseph Abraham

Director of Product Management @ Singularity University

Join these happy clients. Reach out and choose Cheesecake Labs as your Android app development company.

Trusted by brands worldwide

Cheesecake Labs is the Android app development company that leading brands across the globe trust to create amazing apps.

Camio wanted an app for Android and iOS users to search their security camera footage for events, just like a Google search. Cheesecake Labs was their chosen Android app development company building the app for both Android and iOS. Users can monitor live streams, create AI-powered alerts, and review footage from their mobile devices.

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An Android app development company for all industries


Several banks and investment services across the financial industry have selected Cheesecake Labs as their trusted Android mobile app development company. EQI is just one example. The investment app we built together led to EQI partnering with BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America. The app is an ongoing success, with thousands of users and a 4.6 rating on Google Play.

Online and Mobile Shopping

We’re the Android app development company of choice for big e-commerce companies like TapCart, who are disrupting the mobile shopping market. This game-changing SaaS platform allows Shopify merchants to create, launch, and manage mobile shopping apps with no coding required. After adapting the app to Android, Cheesecake Labs took it to the next level. We integrated the Android version with Google Pay, increasing mobile conversion rates and helping TapCart reach over a million Android users, who’ve launched over 1000 Android apps on the platform.


Cheesecake Labs has developed applications for food delivery, fuel, fleet management, and even renting helicopters! FindHeli integrates with 300 helicopter providers across ten countries with a fluid, custom-designed interface that makes booking a helicopter a breeze.

Smart Home

From security cameras to smart locks and intelligent kitchens, our engineers have developed all kinds of engaging mobile applications for smart homes. Although the system Cheesecake Labs designed for Camio allows users access to their security cameras from any web browser, 80% of usage is through mobile apps.

Media & Entertainment

Engaging gamers with an intelligent rewards system helps exmox retain players in new games. Our Android app developers built a rewards platform that worked across Android and iOS, allowing gamers to connect whatever their device.


Thaw is a project that warms our hearts (and our hands and feet). ACG’s existing technology allowed users to stay warm in chilly conditions through in-soles and hand warmers, but with Cheesecake Labs as their Android app development company, they turned up the heat. Now Thaw’s app communicates synchronously or asynchronously with their warming devices when needed. It also connects to the outside world by linking to local weather forecasts or other group members.


Singularity University has connected over 60,000 experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators through its mobile app, allowing the global number of SU chapters to double. As their iOS and Android app development services company, Cheesecake Labs designed both the UX and backend to allow seamless search and communications, facilitating interactions across platforms and the planet.


brain4care provides an Android app on a tablet to connect with their proprietary device to perform non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure variations via surrogate ICP waveforms. When brain4care needed a trusted Android app development company, they turned to Cheesecake Labs.


Bridging online and offline, Cheesecake Labs built an Android app for users to try different fragrances of perfume for one of the biggest Brazilian cosmetic companies.

The Cheesecake Labs Android app development phases




Very few apps actually succeed upon launch. Cheesecake Labs works from the beginning of each project to be the Android app development company that builds the successful few. Understanding is vital, and so we take the time to understand: · Exactly what you want to build, defining the scope and critical functionality. · The complete product roadmap of your Android application, from design to deployment. · The market for your app, including your audience’s needs and appetite for your solution. · Android application technologies, best practices, and integrations to use. · If you have an existing iOS app, Cheesecake Labs can assess it, provide feedback and define the roadmap to launch it for Android, just like we did for TapCart!




Cheesecake Labs is an Android native app development company employing best design practices specific to Android UX and UI. Focused on user-centric UX, we produce wireframes of every screen to determine the structure of your Android app. The UI team creates custom design elements that represent your brand’s image. Our QA teams and Tech Leads validate the technology before development starts. Being an experienced, expert Android app development company means we can flag any potential bugs or challenges early on. And, of course, we have the cross-platform know-how to adapt existing iOS apps like Lockitron to work as though they were designed solely for Android devices.




With your app comprehensively defined and designed, development looks like the easy part! We use React Native and Flutter technologies to bring future-proof Android applications to life. The design roadmap focuses development on added value, not just features, keeping us on track, on budget, and on time. At the end of Phase 3, you’ll have a fully functioning market-ready Android application, but we’re not finished yet.




Being the premier Android app development company means we don’t stop after releasing your app to Android users. We continue to optimize and improve by monitoring the app over time. Customer feedback and usage monitoring are crucial to discovering unexpected customer needs or UX issues. In the unlikely event of unresolved bugs, they are dealt with promptly. Beyond optimization, with the app in the real world, it’s the perfect time to review your business goals and find additional opportunities.

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Why choose Cheesecake Labs as your Android app agency?

Cheesecake Labs is an experienced Android app development company with nearly ten years of experience. Clutch has also ranked us as one of the top ten mobile app development companies globally.

What Android technologies do you use?

Whatever is suitable for your app, but we have some favorites. Learn why Cheesecake Labs uses React Native and Flutter to create native Android apps.

Can you help me get my Android app on the Play Store?

Yes! We’re a complete Android app development company! Along with our other Android app development services, we can help you add your application to the Google Play Store.

How does Cheesecake Labs develop Android apps?

Our proven 4-phase process of product definition, design, development, and optimization set us apart as an Android app development company.

How much does it cost to make an Android App MVP?

Designing and developing an Android application MVP can start at $100,000 and goes up based on features and complexity.