Camio is reinventing the way security cameras work with a smart security-cam app.

They partnered with Cheesecake Labs to develop the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The Challenge


After raising a $1.6 million seed, Camio was ready to turn their vision into reality. They wanted to create a Google-like search engine for video surveillance, connecting any camera to a machine learning-powered video monitoring solution.

The idea was born from a simple question: if we can search the entire internet in under a second, why can’t we do the same with video feeds?

Carter Maslan

Carter Maslan

CEO @ Camio and former Director of Product @ Google

Live Streaming


Our expert engineers created an Android and iOS app that transforms any smartphone or tablet into a home monitoring camera, allowing users to quickly start a two-way connection with their cameras and see its content in real-time.

Camio Camera

Real-time Alerts


Camio also wanted to automatically alert users when something important happens. Cheesecake Labs implemented a solution to allow users to set movement alerts in designated zones — like if there’s activity near their doorbell or mailbox between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Camio App

Technology that Learns


We worked with our client to incorporate advanced machine learning algorithms into the app.

Now, Camio can identify the most important events that were recorded and learn what the user cares about from the way he uses it, getting smarter over time, also continuously improving the daily summaries and alerts.

The AI only captures video that includes motion – so instead of giving users every possible second of footage, it only shows what they might actually use.

Camio App

Smart Video Search Engine


By simply typing or speaking a keyword, users can filter their recordings by objects like cats, dogs, bikes, people, trucks, packages, and much more.

Cheesecake Labs is reinventing the meaning of collaborative development with remote teams.

Carter Maslan

Carter Maslan

CEO @ Camio



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