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Development Blockchain

NFT Use Case: How to create a Pokémon marketplace using NFT

You’ve probably seen posts talking about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) somewhere, because it’s a trending technology that moves millions of dollars.

But what is NFT and what can it solve?

There are several reasons why you should keep an eye on it and this blogpost will explain those reasons.

You’ll find tons of NFT Use Cases and applications examples on the internet and here we’re also going to show you a NFT use case about how to implement a Pokémon marketplace using non-fungible tokens.

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Business Blockchain

The approach for adding USDC to the Stellar network

When talking about issuing a digital asset on a blockchain, each network comes with its own features and can be considered unique in a way. These aspects must be taken into account when architecting the representation of an asset in any new network, which can quickly become a challenge when issuing the same asset in multiple different networks.

Recently I came across this article by Mike Grant, explaining how Circle implemented USDC on the Stellar network and how they made use of the network’s native functionalities to ensure their requirements were met. Here, I would like to dive deeper into this use case as the approach taken might seem unintuitive at first glance and still, turn out to be a clever solution.

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