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The Cheesecake ingredients.

Principles and Values

Driven by the desire to improve life, achieve technological excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

Take Ownership and Be Responsible

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Respect People and Embrace Differences

Collaborate and Help Others Grow

Take a piece of the cake, and let's bake new ideas together.


Cheesecake Labs was founded in 2013 by four great friends that had been working with each other since 2008. After moving together in 2012 to work on a fun iOS project called Dyfocus, Alexandre, Cássio, Marcelo and Victor managed to get practically 10 thousand registered users in less than a year. Since the founders really liked working together, they’ve decided to pivot to a more solid business, in an area in which they had a clearer monetization strategy. As Victor was an early employee at Uber and had some amazing contacts in the Valley, the four founders decided to start building products for companies in the US.

After working with the US companies for a while, the Cakers realized that building third-party projects was not as fulfilling as working on their own ideas, so they decided to rethink the workflow of the remote collaboration. At the time this idea was intended to address their own issues, but what they didn’t realize is that this new approach would solve a huge global connectivity problem: great US companies feel a big lack of qualified engineers, while in Brazil amazing engineers can’t find a cool place to work at. Matching these individuals is extremely beneficial for both sides, so why is it so hard for these hard-working people to find each other?


To reframe the distributed workflow – and to successfully connect US companies with location-agnostic professionals – the Cakers decided to only work with products that are innovative and motivate them to use great technologies. Not only the Cakers started to exclusively work in amazing projects, they also began closing the majority of these deals with stock options, in order to become owners of the products they build. All the Cheesecake collaborators started having stock options as well, making the Cakers a big community of not only developers but also stock owners of multiple Silicon Valley companies and startups.

From that moment on, together with the stocks, there were several cultural improvements made to ensure that the remote work is as motivating as being inside the company itself: yoga classes, a fridge always filled with food and drinks, english classes, state-of-the-art gadgets and a unique amazing office were just the tip of the iceberg. One of the biggest changes was to always enhance the distributed processes by creating in-house solutions that assist the remote development routine. From innovative crash trackers to remote mobile logging, the Cakers build amazing tools to make sure there is no process friction in working distributedly.


The Cheesecake model has proven itself to work great, the number of collaborators has organically grown from 4 to almost 40 in practically three years – without any investment or outside money – and the queue of projects needing developers and designers continues to grow. Right now, the Cakers are slightly slowing down the pace of their own growth by choice, in order to make sure that the services will never lose their high-end quality.

In the future, being able to globally connect people remotely will continue to become more and more important. The extreme growth of the software and apps industries together with an unstoppable globalization trend and the rapid evolution of distance-shortening technologies – that create virtual and augmented reality for example – make the Cheesecake mission core to the world’s new era of development.

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