How we helped Motive Health build an innovative IoT product that's shaking up healthcare.

Revolutionizing Knee Pain Relief: How This Digital Wearable Is Changing Knee Rehabilitation.

For a long time, knee rehabilitation has looked the same. While professionals have known the underlying challenges that face this healing procedure, it’s been a long time since new technology came along to help. Enter Motive Health

Motive Health launched the innovative e-vive, a wearable device that delivers muscle stimulation for knee rehabilitation. It's the only FDA-approved device of its kind that uses an app to track your progress and strengthen your muscles as you wear it.

Muscle weakness is one of the most prevalent underlying clinical conditions associated with knee osteoarthritis and the rehabilitation challenges facing patients recovering from knee procedures. The e-vive attacks this problem head-on, strengthening your muscles as you move (or don't move) throughout your day. This leads to a faster, smoother, and more reliable rehabilitation experience.

Driving Success: Cheesecake Labs' Impact on Motive Health.

The project was delivered on time, ensuring a fast go-to-market and meeting the expected launch date in July 2023.

5.0 rating on the Apple Store: "I’m very pleased with My Motive. I’ve had knee pain for years, but have never needed surgery. I’ve done physical therapy for a long time and that helped a little. With Motive, it eliminated my knee pain after a week."

Revolutionary home physiotherapy that expands Motive Health's innovative e‑vive product.

Like all innovative companies, though, Motive Health wasn't content to leave things there. For them, the e-vive was just the first step. That's why they developed Motive, a second-generation of the e-vive device that brings e-vive's powerful technology to the consumer marketplace for the first time. 

This device allows users to engage in physiotherapy from the comfort of their own homes with no need for a physical therapist to be present. Motive will make next-generation knee rehab more affordable and accessible to more people. 

Motive Health expertly created the Motive hardware, but they needed some help putting together a simple, beautifully designed app to pair with Motive. The app needed to be user-friendly and cross-platform, so anyone could download and use it quickly and easily.

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IoT empowerment: intuitive app experience for users.

Cheesecake Labs played a pivotal role in assisting Motive Health. We provided the necessary support, expertise, and resources.

Our team included product delivery, product ownership, and front-end and back-end developers. This enabled Motive Health to kickstart the development of an innovative, user-friendly app to complement the Motive device.

The MyMotive app and device utilize IoT technology, ensuring seamless connectivity. Our previous expertise in IoT and wearable technology was instrumental in helping Motive Health achieve its objectives.

Throughout the process, we implemented several technologies, including:

  • IoT App development

  • UX Design

  • React Native with Firebase as a backend service

  • Bluetooth low-energy data transfer from hardware to mobile

  • APIs for ETL data from different databases

Health for Motive's is live.

We helped Motive Health innovate on the e-vive design to bring the MyMotive app to life. We supported the architecture definition to align with Motive Health's vision for the product, prioritized MyMotive’s key features, developed the app with IoT integration, and refined and beta-tested the app. 

The MyMotive app is now available to download in the iOS and Google Play app stores, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this ground-breaking device and app shakes up rehabilitation.

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I really like the way Cheesecake handles projects. Both Cheesecake Labs' Solutions Architect and the CBDO paid close attention to our needs and stood out from the crowd.

Dharmavirsinh Jhala

Development Director

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