Making crypto more accessible.

BlueBenx has made a name for itself as a blockchain digital bank, allowing customers to invest in cryptocurrency. They are driven by a simple but ambitious goal: to provide easy access to cryptocurrency for everyone, not just tech people.

To make that goal a reality, BlueBenx knew they needed to expand their offerings with some new, easy-to-use services — starting with a crypto wallet. So they came to Cheesecake Labs.

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Nailing down the vision.

BlueBenx’s initial vision for the project was to incorporate a crypto wallet into their existing app.

Cheesecake Labs assembled a top-notch team that included product management, UI and UX, a team lead, and blockchain engineers and set to work. After evaluating BlueBenx’s business goals and user personas, though, it became clear that there was a bigger idea ready to be realized.

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What resulted from the partnership was a crypto exchange that’s easy enough for everyone to use and understand. BlueBenx wanted people to be able to buy bread (or cheesecake!) with cryptocurrency just as easily as they can with fiat currency (like USD). And the Cheesecake Labs team was all too happy to help.

After a big research push and some proof of concepts to help evaluate blockchain solutions and services, Cheesecake Labs and BlueBenx pinpointed the best approach. Then it was time to start building.

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A custodial crypto wallet with exchange.

Our first task was building a crypto custodial wallet and a crypto exchange. On top of that big challenge, BlueBenx wanted their new crypto exchange to integrate seamlessly with their existing app.

So, the Cheesecake Labs dev team built a secure microservice that works under the hood of the BlueBenx app. The result is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets users easily purchase crypto as soon as they create an account.

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No curbs on currencies.

Thanks to the exchange’s modular architecture, new crypto assets can be added to the exchange in a matter of minutes. This lets BlueBenx easily scale beyond the already impressive 50 cryptocurrencies the app will launch with.

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Custom BlueBenx tokens.

The partnership between BlueBenx and Cheesecake Labs was a little bit like a perfect Tinder match — everyone loved working together. That’s why Cheesecake Labs connected BlueBenx with the Stellar Development Foundation, to launch their own token on the Stellar Network.

After all, nothing says, “We’re invested in crypto,” like creating your own crypto asset!

As a Stellar Integration Partner, we were able to guide BlueBenx through the process. We also helped define the Tokenomics, including managing supply and controlling market reaction to the token.

BlueBenx hopes to use their new token as a rewards program — more details to come!

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BlueBenx’s crypto wallet and exchange launched in record time — after just 5 months of development. The app is ready to scale and incorporate new crypto assets and De-Fi capabilities.

The Cheesecake Labs team is excited to keep working with BlueBenx to make cryptocurrency easy to understand and use for everyone who’s interested.