The AES Corporation is a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's leading power companies.

Cheesecake Labs was responsible for the software design and engineering of its Virtual Power Plant in Brazil.

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The challenge


Virtual Power Plants (VVP) are currently one of the most discussed topics in the power industry. They aim to seamlessly integrate multiple renewable energy units into power for businesses, energy generators, and energy storage systems.

Power traders within a VPP can then use live data to enhance forecasting and the trade of renewable energy. VPPs are dynamic, deliver value in real-time, and can react quickly to changing customer conditions.

This project sought to seize the opportunities of this new market niche in Brazil through the implementation of an innovative platform of energy price and asset flexibility optimization.

Illustration of a power plant
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Innovation journey


AES came to us with a well-defined product concept, and our first step was to create a roadmap for building the application, including Design, Frontend, and Backend.

Changes are expected in innovative products. So the business model evolved throughout the implementation, and we managed to adapt the core elements of the product to fit our client's needs.

Complex backend solution


We’ve successfully collaborated with a 3rd party partner to implement a complex and evolving algorithm that required connections with several data points and many energy market rules.

Intelligent data visualization


Decision making in the energy market can be challenging. Our expert design and development team created intuitive graphics, making it easier to forecast pricing and asset availability.

Image of a laptop with VPP open showing a graph

Their collaborative style, communication, and knowledge led us to achieve our goal of having this platform at the end of the project.

Julia Rodrigues

Julia Rodrigues

R&D & Innovation Coordinator at AES Tiete



This project was the winner of the

2019 International Energy & Innovations Award

Check it here.

AES is ready to operate in a new niche in the

Brazilian energy market