What’s the mobile platform for my business?

We’ve spent the last weeks discussing, brainstorming and researching with our coworkers the best way to answer this question through a helpful service that would be delivered with speed and excellence.

With that in mind, our team has looked for the freshest data in a great number of websites, news articles and tech blogs about the two major players in the mobile game, iOS and Android: charts, numbers and notes regarding features in each platform. With that info, combined with our expertise, we’ve concluded that we could offer a logical process that compiles our findings.

Therefore, we’ve created a simple yet powerful tool to assist you in that decision. The Cheesecake Labs Platform Analyzer can calculate which system is the best for your purposes, explaining all the details that supported the choice, all in a matter of minutes, which you can access here. It is intuitive and you don’t even need to be an expert in the mobile market to understand the process.

We strongly believe that a company’s most valuable asset is time. You can – and probably should – optimize its usage with tools that help making fast yet well-fundamented decisions, giving you a headstart in strategic planning and execution.

Like our new analyzer or have any ideas to improve it? Please contact us — we’ll be happy to chat and share ideas!


About the author.

Giovannu Carús
Giovannu Carús

Giovanni writes content at Cheesecake Labs, top mobile app development company in Brazil. He enjoys creative actions by writing and expressing messages.