Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms

Let’s say you’re a mobile app developer or publisher, and you want to promote your app, generate leads or monetize it. We’ve talked about the top mobile app marketing agencies in the US for those who have developed an awesome app and don’t know how to reach their audience or which tools to use for it. This time, we’ve put together a list focused on the top 13 mobile ad platforms in the US, so you can count on the right service to achieve your goal.

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#1 AdMob


AdMob is the mobile ad platform from Google that integrates banner, interstitial or video ads. Used by over 650,000 apps, you can have full control over the types of ads by using ad-specific filters and categories, as well as deciding when and where ads are displayed.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 1 (1)

#2 iAd

iAd - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

iAd is Apple’s advertising platform focused on mobile devices. iAd’s users can count on iAd Producer, a management tool with a DIY campaign creation, to customize their own ads with more than 100 pre-designed templates. With iAd Workbench, you have flexibility to choose audience, price and ad formats that work best for you.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 41 (33)

#3 YeahMobi

YeahMobi - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the USOne of the pioneers in mobile advertising, YeahMobi has offices in the US, China, Japan and Germany. Their mobile ad platform counts with native ads tailored for your app, focusing on your users and their experience. Ad formats include integrated native ads, icon ads, ad walls, interstitials, videos, feed and location-based services (LBS).

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 8,244 (-)

#4 Flurry

Flurry - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Flurry is Yahoo’s advertising platform, with services for publishers, advertisers or analytics, currently monitoring more than 540,000 apps. By using data advantage, Flurry offers mobile ads personalized according to your audience, so you can reach the right mobile consumers.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 11,099 (22,048)

#5 InMobi

InMobi - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the ’50 Most Disruptive Companies’, InMobi reaches over 1.4 billion unique mobile devices across 200 countries. App developers can sign up on their self-serve platform and use a lightweight SDK to enable a wide range of ad formats, including videos ads with – or without – rewards, custom-framed interstitials and native ads. Over 30,000 leading game & app developers leverage InMobi’s global platform to acquire high-quality users and maximize monetization.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 17,914 (85,808)

#6 Appnext

Appnext - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Appnext is one of the leading monetization and app distribution platforms, dedicated exclusively to building great mobile business by promoting apps. With a growing community of over 30,000 developers, Appnext offers publishers a wide range of development tools catered to their needs, from API to SDK, enabling them to develop native ad promotions, or use a wide variety of predefined advertising units.

For user acquisition, the Appnext self-serve platform operates on a CPI bidding basis, allowing advertisers to optimize their bids, and laser target their preferred audience.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 27,905 (-)

#7 MobFox

MobFox - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

MobFox‘s mobile ad platform offers a single gateway for real-time bidding (RTB), worldwide direct sales and in-house advertising revenue. It allows advertisers to run intelligent, optimized campaigns across their network of 20,000 mobile publishers.

MobFox counts with a cutting edge SDK that gives you a 360⁰ solution to monetize your inventory, including high eCPMS, with great fill rate; all ad formats (interstitials, banners, native, video and audio); over 7,000 in-house advertisers and 150 demand-side platforms (DSP) connected; and one of the most attractive payment terms in the market.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 31,277 (101,735)

#8 IronSource

IronSource - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

IronSource is a data and analytics company focused on understanding what content users are looking for and connecting them with the right apps. In order to better understand and communicate with their users, IronSource provides developers, carriers, device manufacturers and brands with a proprietary data-driven technology. 

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 44,689 (177,838)

#9 LeadBolt

LeadBolt - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

LeadBolt provides one of the most efficient ways for app developers and publishers to promote an app or generate revenue. The use of a unified SDK allows a one-stop integration point that is user-friendly.

By adhering to a three-sided strategy – Entry, Engage and Exit –, LeadBolt offers advanced interstitials, banners, in-app alerts, audio ads with shake component, video ads, exclusive floating ads, app walls and more.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 67,637 (-)

#10 ClicksMob

ClicksMob - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

ClicksMob is one of the top-tier mobile performance networks, delivering high-volume quality traffic worldwide. Operating with a cost-per-action (CPA) business model, payment is only required when a predefined campaign parameter is achieved. Their mobile ads are ultra-personalized, tailored according to the app developer’s needs, as well as focused on a specific target audience.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 63,246 (-)

#11 Millennial Media

Millennial Media - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Millennial Media is one of the leading mobile ad marketplaces, making mobile advertising simple for the world’s top brands, app developers and mobile web publishers. With one of the most attractive monetization platforms for app developers, its data and technology assets enable advertisers to connect with target audiences at scale, while driving monetization for publisher and developer partners.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 73,312 (85,797)

#12 mobileCore

mobileCore - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

mobileCore can change the game by helping you maximize revenue without compromising your users’ experience. Reach targeted and engaged users and grow your app’s revenue by tapping into brilliant technology.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 90,054 (-)

#13 Avocarrot

Avocarrot - Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Avocarrot is one of the leading programmatic native ad exchanges for mobile app developers who are serious about app monetization and sincere about user experience.

Developers enjoy profits running native ads that never spam users. Avocarrot’s native ad exchange reaches thousands of global advertisers in real time and the superior performance of native ads facilitates its above-market eCPMs and fill rates.

Avocarrot has a one-stop platform with a powerful suite of native ad tools that help developers monitor, optimize and increase their mobile ad revenue.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 186,275 (450,260)



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