Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Mobile App Marketing

Sometimes being an awesome mobile app development company and building the top mobile apps might not be enough. It is important to know how to make your apps reach the target audience, and such task can be quite difficult if you are not aware of or doesn’t know how to use the tools available to achieve this.

What can you do, then?

The best and easiest way to do that is by hiring a mobile application marketing agency, so you can adjust or even create a new marketing strategy to make your app become one of the hottest trends.

In order to ease the process of finding the right fit for your mobile app marketing plan, we’ve put together a list with the top 12 mobile app marketing agencies in the US.

Enjoy it!

#1 InMobi

InMobi - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the USInMobi counts with 19 offices located in key places such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beijing, Dubai, London and Paris. The agency is one of the world’s most powerful mobile advertising platforms, enabling brands, app developers and publishers to engage mobile consumers globally. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the ’50 Most Disruptive Companies’, the agency reaches over 1.4 billion unique mobile devices across 200 countries.

At InMobi, they define themselves as “obsessed about delivering the right user experience”, always trying to invent unique ad experiences that users fall in love with. App developers can sign up on their self-serve platform and use a lightweight SDK to enable a wide range of ad formats, including videos ads with – and without – rewards, custom-framed interstitials and native ads. Over 30,000 leading game & app developers leverage InMobi’s global platform to acquire high quality users and maximize monetization.

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Alexa Rank – Global (US): 16,576 (60,970)

#2 MobFox

MobFox - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

With offices in San Francisco, Vienna, London and Paris, MobFox is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms. This platform allows publishers to get the most out of their mobile inventory by offering a single gateway for RTB, worldwide direct sales and in-house advertising revenue; and advertisers to run intelligent, optimized campaigns across their network of 20,000 mobile publishers and many of the world’s largest third party exchanges.

MobFox counts with a cutting edge SDK that gives you a 360⁰ solution to monetize your inventory, including high eCPMS, with great fill rate; all ad formats (interstitials, banners, native, video and audio); over 7,000 in-house advertisers and 150 DSPs connected; and one of the most attractive payment terms in the market.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 34,280 (115,563)

#3 Lead Bolt

Lead Bolt - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Operating in the US and in Australia, Lead Bolt provides one of the most efficient ways for app developers and publishers to promote an app or generate revenues. The agency does that through the use of a unified SDK, allowing a one stop integration point that is user-friendly.

By adhering to a three sided strategy – Entry, Engage and Exit –, Lead Bolt offers advanced interstitials, banners, in-app alerts, audio ads with shake component, video ads, exclusive floating ads, app walls and more.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 72,044 (-)

#4 ComboApp

ComboApp - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Located in Chicago and also with offices in Canada and Europe, ComboApp has undergone several growth stages and is currently a global mobile communications and marketing agency. It consists of three units: ComboApp Consulting, ComboStore, and GoWide.

Named one of the ‘Top App Marketing Agencies’ of 2015 by MobyAffiliates, ComboApp has over 740 projects worth of experience, which allows them to provide clients with everything they need, from creative development for product/campaign strategy and analytics to media placement and traditional public relations campaigns.

ComboApp’s staff is comprised of veterans of the mobile marketplace with a wide base of knowledge and skills. Their clients range from ‘FORTUNE 500’ companies to indie app creators, including Intel, SeaWorld, Infraware and over 200 others.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 149,669 (330,841)

#5 Consumer Acquisition

Consumer Acquisition - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Located in San Francisco, CA, Consumer Acquisition is one of the leaders in mobile app advertising on Facebook and Instagram. They provide a full-service agency and self-service technology for mobile app acquisition. The agency has acquired over 40 million mobile app installs, focusing on gaming, e-commerce, automotive, financial services and entertainment.

Costumer Acquisition has helped growing the following companies: ShopKick,,, PlayStudios, MachineZone, Perk, Smule, FanDuel, Mobilityware, PlayDraft,,, Real Networks, Blend,, SunBasket, and Find&Save.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 2,448,820 (1,151,740)

#6 IronSource

IronSource - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

With offices in Tel Aviv (HQ), San Francisco, New York and Beijing, IronSource is a data and analytics company focused on understanding what content users are looking for and connecting them with the right apps.

IronSource uses proprietary data-driven technology, providing developers, carriers, device manufacturers and brands the platform to better understand and communicate with their users.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 46,349 (174,633)

#7 Clicks Mob

Clicks Mob - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Located in San Francisco, Clicks Mob is one of the top tier mobile performance networks, delivering worldwide quality traffic on a large scale. The agency acts as the middleman to connect advertisers with publishers who provide spaces for the ads to be inserted.

Clicks Mob operates with a Cost-per-Action (CPA) business model. With this workflow, payment is only required when a predefined campaign parameter is achieved. Their mobile ads are ultra-personalized, tailored according to the app developer’s needs, as well as focused on a specific target audience.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 62,011 (-)

#8 Millennial Media

Millennial Media - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Millennial Media has offices located in Baltimore (HQ), New York, London, San Francisco, Boston, Düsseldorf, Paris, Singapore, Atlanta, Tokyo and Chicago; and US regional offices in Dallas, Detroit and Los Angeles. This agency is one of the leading mobile ad marketplaces, making mobile simple for the world’s top brands, app developers and mobile web publishers.

The agency’s data and technology assets enable advertisers to connect with target audiences at scale, while driving monetization for publisher and developer partners. AOL acquired Millennial Media on October 23, 2015. Millennial Media boosts AOL’s global mobile capabilities and scale across ONE for advertisers and agencies, and offers one of the most attractive monetization platforms for app developers.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 69,367 (64,630)

#9 Amobee

Amobee - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Amobee counts with 5 offices in the US, located in Foster City (HQ), New York, Chicago, Santa Monica and San Diego; 2 offices in Australia, in Sidney and Melbourne; as well as in Singapore and Israel. The agency has one of the most complete mobile-first technology stacks of the industry, giving marketers the ability to reach over 750 million mobile devices worldwide, with programmatic tools that drives real-time performance at scale.

Underlying Amobee Mobile Solutions is INK, a proprietary cross-screen multi-ID technology that extends across channels and devices. With Amobee Mobile Solutions, marketers will benefit from unparalleled targeting granularity based on deep consumer profiles, one-to-one cross device targeting at scale, precision-based geo-targeting to drive increased foot traffic from mobile user and award-winning mobile ad formats and creative executions, ranging from Amobee 3D, IAB rising stars, expandable rich media, mobile video interstitials and location-powered mobile units.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 93,026 (55,112)

#10 Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

With offices in Utah (HQ), Sydney, Quebec and London, Foxtail Marketing was founded by online marketing veterans willing to improve online marketing practices. The agency was ranked #1 in 2015 for SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Social Media.

Foxtail Marketing focuses on helping companies by generating revenues, instead of ranking for keywords. For that, they use a holistic digital marketing approach, combining the power of SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing and paid advertising.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 279,029 (176,976)

#11 Fetch

Fetch - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

With offices in London (HQ), New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Hong Kong, Fetch has been named ‘Mobile Agency of the Year’ by Mobile Marketer, by focusing exclusively on mobile.

With big-name clients such as Warner Bros, eBay, and on their growing list, Fetch integrates mobile into your business, finds your most valuable customers around the world, uses quality creative to engage quality users and creates data-driven experiences.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 347,744 (236,816)

#12 AdAction

AdAction - Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Located in Colorado, AdAction is a mobile media company dedicated to the user acquisition needs of app developers. With a growing partner network and both focused internal media buying group and approach, AdAction has one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

Alexa Rank – Global (US): 574,149 (-)

Ready to see your app become a hit?

That was our awesome mobile app marketing agencies list! We hope that with it we’ve helped you connect with the right partner, so you can create the right marketing plan, focused on making your app fly higher.

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