10 Hottest iOS Trends: Look and Feel

It’s been a while since our last post about iOS trends, so it’s time to check out the coolest looks for Apple’s system. In that occasion, we’ve only curated Objective-C libraries. In this post, however, we’ll also spend some time looking for Swift goodness too. Without further ado, let’s see our ten picks for the hottest libraries for iOS:



This is a hamburger-form button, that transits to an X button with a very fluid animation made in Swift. The creator is Robert Böhnke, an iOS freelance dev based in Berlin.




It’s a fun pull-to-refresh control that emulates a Pong match! Originally part of the MHacks III hackathon, it’s now an open-source library from Ben Oztalay, a dev from Michigan.




It’s a gorgeous UIButton made with Swift, inspired by Google’s Material Design. It was made by a Mexican engineer, Ricardo Zertuche.




Ramotion agency, from San Fran, delivered us this neat animated tab bar that gives some life to your app.



This is a beautiful AlertView for iOS, with pop-ups and a background blur. Creation of Canadian Antoine Marliac.




This functionality was popularized with Tinder and devs all around struggle to recreate it. This very good attempt is from Brian Gesiak, who lives in New York.




Another library of success, implemented in the “IF by IFTTT” app, JazzHands is perfect for scrolling app intros. It’s an invention of IFTTT, also from San Francisco.




The wobble effect is pretty trendy these days. The guys at inFullMobile, a Polish app developer company, made this great library.




And we’ve got another one from Yalantis. This Ukrainian company makes awesome designs and this folding tab bar animation is no different.

It’s not enough to only prioritize performance. Speed is good, but user experience is essential. We’re looking forward to see those functionalities in your projects, increasing the quality of your application! And, if you need a talented team to get your ideas out of the paper, give us a shout! We’re sure to give you some insights and, hopefully, help you achieve your goals in the mobile market.


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