ComboApp’s Interview on CKL’s Developer Experience

One of our top Cakers, Pedro Henrique Peralta, has recently been interviewed by ComboApp—an awesome mobile communications and marketing agency located in Chicago—on his Android and iOS developer experience and the secret ingredients for developing outstanding apps.

Check out below some of Peralta’s answers on building great apps:


What are the biggest mistakes app developers do while designing an app?

Peralta: Most mistakes made by developers while designing an app appear from not properly presenting all of the desired information on a small screen and creating a nice user experience. It’s very important that the developer takes advantage of the correct controls to display data, provide user’s feedback, and always be aware of what is happening in the application.


Do you think it’s crucial to define target audience before making an app?

Peralta: Being able to define an app’s target audience is crucial most of the time because it helps generate appropriate content, develop features, and design a better user experience. This way it becomes easier to motivate new users to use the app as well as retain them for a long time.


Check the full interview here


Pedro Henrique Peralta - ComboApp's Interview on CKL's Developer Experience

Pedro Henrique Peralta is a control and automation engineer ​whom has been working with softwares for 6 years. He also​ follows latest industry trends and enjoys applying new cool technologies into work.

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