Branding Experience: the coolest way to talk

Branding experience

“Branding experience is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

So how about having a seat and staying in the room? To have a seat nowadays, a brand should have feelings and opinions, not just sell itself. Otherwise, it will have to leave the room. That’s what we call Branding Experience.

Brand Experience is the set of feelings and experiences that consumers have with a brand. From a query to a purchase, the potential customer tests the company’s ability to attract him and show reasons for him to complete an order.

And more than that, it is fundamental that today a brand does much more than simply sell itself. Yep, we are all tired of the old advertisement. And we demand that brands to strive and to deliver brand experiences for us. We need identification with the ideals of brands so we can defend and support them.

Technological innovations are redefining personal habits along with the emergence of gadgets, applications, social networks and other digital products. In this environment, brands are no longer fixed concepts. They are always the result of a work done in several hands and over which a company has no longer total control.

Ok. So you are already tired about the huge amount of hard work to do?
Do not give up, now it’s time for some tips.

Branding experience: how to make it happen.

Here’s how the consumer nowadays wants to receive ads: in places that they are not prepared to receive it. They really value offline. I know, it sounds like contradictory in our digital era, but it’s not. Consumers want to be surprised, so they are demanding brands to be more creative. Go to their work, go to their houses, go to their parties. And take care: do not to be invasive. Promise not to be boring, ok?

Brand experience is about building affective bonds connecting ideals with your consumers. So how about dropping the sameness and looking for punctual actions that might be harder to build (maybe more expensive), but that mark the life of the client? We are talking about invest in actions that “look like and event” for your brand. Attractions in the middle of street, attractions in the middle of the concert, powerful stuff like that.

Another tip to create an awesome brand experience is to invest in sensory experiences with customers that play with touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing of them. It will be remarkable, for sure. You shouldn’t be happy only about giving something for free to your consumers, give them a new learning, a new challenge to discover, a new environment to immerse. Think of the smell your brand may have, think of the taste it can have and give them all this experience.

No one is better than this guys to prove that.
They are not just a drink, they make musicthey connect the city and they make you live things you never thought.

And then.

You better know that the work will never end. Investing in social media advertising means nothing after this impact experience, it will be only the bare minimum. Take care, experiences vitiate both the brand and the consumers. You can be sure, if you thrill and amaze your consumers, they will resonate these ideas for a long time with other people, becoming “brand lawyers.” After all, who is more expert to talk about the brand than someone who has been there and already had the whole experience you have given.

Yes, no one is safe today. In no time consumers can talk well or badly about any channel they want and make people hate brands. But the last tip I give is that it’s not worth fearing.

You must surrender and give as much as they want: Awesome Brand Experiences.

About the author.

Angela Mansim
Angela Mansim

A Brand Designer that loves the waves and gastronomic experiences. She believes in the power to go and make it happen.