12 Hottest Looks for Android Applications

Hottest looks for android

Here at Cheesecake, we strive to achieve not only the best app performance but also a better presentation. As we already covered for iOS, GitHub libraries can be life (and time) savers, and with Android’s competitive market, the smallest difference can be fundamental for engaging users. If you also want to work with the best open-source libraries to deliver a nice and responsive experience for everyone, check out the 12 Hottest looks for android regarding Java libraries:

1. Yalantis/Side-Menu.Android


2. Yalantis/Context-Menu.Android


3. Yalantis/Phoenix


Now these are incredible: Yalantis, a Ukranian company, made beautiful — and incredibly underused! — libraries.

Side-Menu.Android is packed with nice transitions and flips.

Context-Menu.Android follows the same fluid pattern, bringing other possibilities of usage.

Phoenix is a pull-to-refresh interaction, with a good-looking theme.

4. AnderWeb/discreteSeekBar


A good approach, that emulates Material’s Discrete Slider. The creator, Gustavo Claramunt, is an independent Spaniard developer.

5. RomainPiel/Titanic


This library is a loading screen, based on this effect. It’s a “simple illusion obtained by applying an animated translation on the TextView TextPaint Shader’s matrix”. The developer is Romain Piel, from Yammer.

6. pedrovgs/DraggablePanel

Pedro Sanchez, from Karumi, developed a library for building a draggable user interface which resembles a lot YouTube.

 7. ozodrukh/CircularReveal


It’s a Circular Reveal screen transition, customized to be suitable for Android versions prior to Lollipop and created by Ozodrukh Abdullaev.

8. makovkastar/FloatingActionButton


Melnykov Oleksandr, an Ukrainian Android programmer, created a simple but effective floating button that reacts to scrolling events. There’s also a list of apps with this library, if you wish to see it in action.

9. balysv/material-menu


This is an animated version of the drawer, back, dismiss and check icons, to be used on the Android menu. It was made by Balys Valentukevicius, developer at Wahanda.

10. jpardogo/ListBuddies 

11. jpardogo/FlabbyListView


Javier Pardo, from agencymobile, made this two awesome libraries. The first, ListBuddies, is “a pair of auto-scroll circular parallax ListViews”.

As for FlabbyListView, the library creates a nice and funny effect in the cells of a ListView.

12. kongnanlive/SearchMenuAnim


And now, the crème de la crème: an amazing search bar with animated transitions, made by Chinese developer Kong Nan, from NetEase.


These are just a few options from hundreds of others in GitHub, so please stay tuned while we continue to share the latest trends in open-source, fancy-looking Android libraries. Hit that subscribe button if you liked it, we really appreciate all the nice feedback we’re getting from the blog and we do it just for you. Thanks again for the attention, have a great one!

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