Our Approach

The Cheesecake's unique ingredients.



We're an extension of your team

Cakers don't work as contractors. We understand that software development requires continuous revision of priorities and milestones, so we're flexible to adapt to your constantly-evolving product. And of course: if you need guidance, we'll support you while deciding the best development approach.

We deliver continuously

Our process is based on incremental iterations and continuous deliveries to meet evolving customer needs, heavily influenced by lean and agile methodologies. Milestones and features are distributed within weekly sprints, which may be reviewed and adjusted according to the project's priorities and deadlines.

We're there for you

Cheesecake will allocate professionals to work on your product according to your needs. We will be highly available for conversation and support through fast communication tools, like Slack, Hangouts and Skype. Cakers are also available for in-person working periods on key moments to strengthen the partnership bonds and ensure even faster iterations and deliveries.



We work with passion

Driven by the success of the products we work on, Cakers are very thorough when picking what projects they'll work on. What fuels the Cheesecake engines is having positive impact while interfacing with innovative tools, technologies, frameworks and individuals. By nurturing the relationships we get involved with, we ensure that our focus is always to create amazing products that make the world a better place.

We plan for the long-run

We put every effort to ensure the application architecture and codebases will scale healthily. This way, Cakers make sure the product will work well in the long run, and that new developers and designers won't have a steep learning curve when joining the project in the future.

We believe in Equity

We believe participating in the success fosters a relationship that benefits all parts involved in product development and is a key variable in achieving success when working with remote teams. Cheesecake will always seek for relationships with companies that put equity bonds on the table. Since all Cakers also have stock options from Cheesecake, this creates a unique environment where everyone is doing their best to achieve excellence – and this is the perfect atmosphere for creating innovative apps.


Qualified Team

We plan each caker's career. Personally.

With personal one-on-one strategic planning and career development support processes, we ensure that all Cheesecakers have a clear mission. Through lectures, courses, personal projects, event attendences, open-source contributions, hackathons and many other meaningful activities, Cheesecake supports every Caker to reach their dreams and goals.

We continuously seek for improvement

Cakers are always up-to-date with the latest technologies and processes. We love what we do, and part of that is due to our passion on getting better at it. To guarantee that we're delivering the best solutions, quality assurance is part of our routine. Code reviewing, pair programming and designing, constant monitoring, as well as continuous integration are at our core expertise.

We believe in community and collaboration

We believe that a collaborative atmosphere is essential for keeping ourselves creative and productive. This is why we strive to foster an amazing workspace and a great relationship with the tech and design community. Between yoga classes, videogames, geek events, hackathons, coding dojos and brainstorms in the fun room, the Cakers are continually engaged in organizing, supporting and attending many events globally.

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