Insights sobre o ecossistema de design e desenvolvimento de apps.

Business Development

Getting you up to speed on Flutter vs React Native vs native development

The Cheesecake Labs team’s goal is to provide you with the best version of your digital product. And there’s no one way of getting that right.

The good news is we now have plenty of options to choose from. And, at CKL, we’re fully trained and ready to go using Flutter, React Native and native development — whichever is the best approach for your project.
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Business Development

The biggest benefits of Python, according to CKL

It isn’t easy to pick a technology for your new application idea. Everyone acts like the language they use is the best one out there (including us!). It’s hard for business owners to sift through the noise and figure out what tool is the right one for the job.

At Cheesecake Labs, we cut through the noise.

We’re clear about why we use Python — the benefits it brings to application development and the drawbacks too.
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Business Development

Construindo um aplicativo com a Cheesecake Labs: Fase #4 Otimização do Produto

Se você está lendo esta série de artigos desde o início, já deve ter passado por todas as fases de desenvolvimento de produtos da Cheesecake Lab. A Fase 1 ajudou você a definir seu produto e seus objetivos, a Fase 2 deu um design ao seu aplicativo e a Fase 3 ajudou a dar vida e lançar o seu produto aos usuários.

Agora seu aplicativo já está disponível para o mundo. Mas as mais emocionantes – e importantes – semanas, meses e anos ainda estão por vir.
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Development Back-end

Django Framework (not the Quentin Tarantino movie)

Do you have your next app idea fleshed out, designed and ready to go into development?

Now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to bring your app into the world, and here’s where some big questions around technology arise. Perhaps you’re clear on the frontend, but you are unsure which backend technology to use? There are countless programming languages and web frameworks out there — you can spend weeks looking at Flask vs. Django vs. Node.js comparisons and still not know which way to go.
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Business Mobile Development

Here’s how the world’s most innovative brands use React Native (+5 great examples)

$143 billion was spent in apps and on app stores during 2020 alone. And this wasn’t a fluke. Close to 90% of mobile internet time is now spent in apps — a number that’s been steadily growing in recent years.

So if you’re gearing up to develop an app for iOS or Android, you’re on the right track. Businesses that invest in these platforms are not only going to remain more competitive, they stand to boost their revenue and customer engagement as well.
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Business Development

Construindo um aplicativo com a Cheesecake Labs: Fase #3 Desenvolvimento do produto

Com este guia, chegamos à terceira fase do processo da Cheesecake Labs de definição, design, desenvolvimento e otimização de produto. Mas de forma alguma a fase de “Desenvolvimento” é a etapa final na jornada de qualquer aplicativo.

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Test Development Development Back-end

Behavior-driven Development: how to develop tests for a Pokédex using BDD

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to start using BDD and will use a Pokémon Pokédex search feature as an example. BDD means Behavior-driven Development and it’s a refinement of existing TDD processes. It considers the feature behavior ahead of the development and the test processes. A system can have many behaviors, which are basically how a feature operates input, process and output.

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