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IoT innovation: what’s behind the rise of IoT & how CKL approaches IoT development

IoT technology has been steadily emerging for the last decade. But in the coming years, it’s poised to take over big time. Where smart speakers were once in 6.6% of US households in 2016 and 32% in late 2018, that number is expected to rise to 75% of homes by 2025 — and that’s just one example of this rapidly growing sector.

With the network of devices expanding and becoming more commonplace in daily settings, the interconnected “world of the future” is shaping up around us. And it’s this rapid IoT transformation that’s paving the way for new innovations and possibilities — as well as fresh competitive advantage for brands who jump on board.

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Voice search in online shopping: what’s happening today and what can we expect in the future?

Picture the scene: it’s a hot afternoon in July 2001, you turn the knob to your front door and lug your groceries into the apartment. You speed over to the kitchen counter and dump the bags of laundry detergent, canned food, and bottled water packs in a disorderly fashion.

Then you grab the mail out from under your arm, wipe your brow, and read through the TV listings to see what shows are on tonight. You sit down at your desktop to shoot off a quick email to your best friend, press play on some tunes via Windows Media Player, and return to the kitchen to unpack your spoils while waiting for their reply.

And somewhere, in the midst of it all, you reflect on how futuristic modern life has become…

… yet you have absolutely no idea what’s coming in tech.
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Construindo um aplicativo com a Cheesecake Labs: Fase #2 Design do produto

Na Cheesecake Labs, criamos uma metodologia de quatro fases para o desenvolvimento de aplicativos de sucesso: definição do produto, design do produto, desenvolvimento do produto e otimização do produto.

A utilização desse processo garante que um aplicativo atenda – e muitas vezes supere – as expectativas de nossos clientes, seus stakeholders e, o mais importante, dos usuários finais.

Na primeira parte desta série de conteúdos, explicamos como nossa primeira fase – Definição do Produto – ajuda a preparar o terreno para um design e desenvolvimento bem-sucedidos. Agora é hora de olhar para a Fase # 2: Design do produto.
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Construindo um aplicativo com a Cheesecake Labs: Fase #1 Definição do produto

Você teve uma ideia brilhante para um novo aplicativo ou serviço, e todo mundo ao seu redor, colegas e equipe, estão alinhados e empolgados com ela. Excelente! Você começou agora a pensar em como construir esse produto, e quem poderia te ajudar com isso. Melhor ainda! Mas espera um pouco, o que exatamente você está criando?

Quem serão os usuários do seu produto assim que ele for lançado no mercado? Como esse produto se alinha com seus objetivos estratégicos de negócio? Você está resolvendo um problema real e claro de alguém? Estas são algumas das perguntas que você precisa se fazer antes de iniciar o design e desenvolvimento da sua aplicação.
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Storytelling your way to innovation

Innovation matters. It is determinant for organizational growth and consequently to the products that we are building.

Having said that, when it comes down to exploring new opportunities that could lead us to innovation, the way we build and tell these stories can lead us to success (or not). But why isn’t that so easy? Because we are programmed with many behavioral mechanisms that prevent us from acting. To briefly illustrate, one of these behavioral mechanisms is the so-called “negativity bias.” Continue Reading

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Game Design Canvas for Google Play Challenge

Change the Game Challenge is an initiative brought by Google Play to inspire teens to build a more inclusive future for mobile gaming. The challenge was made available to girls between 15 and 21 years old attending elementary school. The prizes include get to know Google’s office in São Paulo, have access to online courses and work with Google’s partners. Isn’t that amazing?

Having said that, I wanted so much to contribute to this project!

In the end, I came up with a pretty good solution for a better understanding of game mechanics and goals, applying product thinking and storytelling techniques. I called the Game Design Canvas.

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