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Trendiest 2015 Mobile Looks and Feels

Hey there! Happy New Year and welcome to our first post of 2016! Since we’re at the beginning of the year, we’d like to review with you the trendiest 2015 mobile looks and feels. Let’s explore the  interfaces and experiences that were most used throughout 2015 and changed the way we see, feel and interact with mobile apps. If you’re a mobile app developer, hold tight: we’ve also prepared a few libraries as examples for each trend.

Enjoy the ride!

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Technical Opinion Business

Top 13 Mobile Ad Platforms in the US

Let’s say you’re a mobile app developer or publisher, and you want to promote your app, generate leads or monetize it. We’ve talked about the top mobile app marketing agencies in the US for those who have developed an awesome app and don’t know how to reach their audience or which tools to use for it. This time, we’ve put together a list focused on the top 13 mobile ad platforms in the US, so you can count on the right service to achieve your goal.

Ready for it?

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Technical Opinion Business

Top 12 Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the US

Sometimes being an awesome mobile app development company and building the top mobile apps might not be enough. It is important to know how to make your apps reach the target audience, and such task can be quite difficult if you are not aware of or doesn’t know how to use the tools available to achieve this.

What can you do, then?

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