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How I created the Product Thinking Canvas

I recently shared content about Product Thinking during an event and this mindset is changing the way I’m looking at Projects and Products.

There are great articles out there about Product Thinking, like this one, but no canvas that brings together all the main questions Product Thinking focuses on.

With that being said, I took a stab at it and created one (there is a tiny possibility others are looking for something like this but never found it).

The result you can check below:

The Product Thinking canvas tackles user first (problem + target audience) followed by job to be done (vision + what you can do with our product + strategy) and finally the goals to be achieved and which features will ensure the product meets them.

The heart of the canvas is: what you can do with our product because this sentence impacted me profoundly:

“Here’s what our product can do” and “Here’s what you can do with our product” sound similar, but they are completely different approaches.

— Jason Fried (@jasonfried) November 13, 2013

As an example to materialize this sentence, we can state that Uber is not providing an app; it’s providing the possibility of connecting riders and drivers, anywhere, anytime.

Along with the fact that Product Thinking focuses on resolving real problems, it also opens up the opportunity to build products that can help us faster, that have the ability to know us more and surprise us whenever possible.

I hope this post inspires you to research further about Product Thinking and empower you to build more human-centered, product-oriented and business-relevant products.

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Apollo – The GraphQL client that makes API integration a breeze

Integrating apps and servers is not an easy task, we all know that. Even with great tools like Alamofire and Retrofit there are still a lot of things to take care of in the app side: different endpoints, encoding / decoding JSON strings, API versions, data consistency and so on…

Recently I have worked in a project with server integration and we had the opportunity to choose new technologies to work with and to try to avoid some of these problems. The choice was a GraphQL server and in the app side the Apollo framework.

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How custom UI controls in Xcode’s Interface Builder boosted my UI development

To use or not to use Xcode’s Interface Builder (let’s call it IB) is a very common discussion between iOS developers. There are many arguments against using it like version control issues and difficulties in debugging. This post in our blog have some considerations about it for example. But I believe that if the project is well structured and the team knows how to use it, these issues can be avoided and IB can become a very powerful tool.

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