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CSS Architecture: First steps

CSS was designed to be a very simple and intuitive language. Its basic purpose is to define selectors to target HTML elements and apply attributes to them. Easy to grasp and start applying. When working on large and complex projects, though, some CSS features might be a little trickier to deal with.

Its cascading feature, for example, allows properties to be overridden by other selectors according to its order on the sheet or by selector specificity. Also, elements inherit properties from their parents on the DOM. Without proper organization, this can quickly get out of hand and messy. That’s where an architecture comes to help.

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Cloud Services: Choosing the Best Fit for Your Project

When developing a mobile or web application, it is often necessary to build a web server that will integrate with your product. This part is often called the backend and, in simple words, it is the running piece of software that stays remote to all users – Cloud services, the center where the database is located and the place where the clients (iOS apps, for example) retrieve data from.

Although invisible from the user perspective, the backend is fundamental for any data-driven application – it is the component that users usually don’t directly interact with but, if it ever goes down, it might cause all of your client apps to stop working. The backend has a couple of other more famous nicknames: “the server” or – when it’s remotely located – “the cloud“.

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20 Crash and Event Trackers for Your Application

Some time ago, we stumbled with this small story about an app that got some unforeseen problems:

“There was nothing different in that Friday. The application was running fine, apparently, so the company called it a day and left for the weekend. Little the developers knew that, as Monday came upon them, more than 4000 crashes happened during those two days!”

This “small” accident was just for illustrating why crash and event trackers are mandatory (true story, actually).

But what is an event and/or a crash tracker?

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Opinion Development

Should I develop hybrid mobile apps? Nope (at least not yet)

Hybrid apps are a very controversial subject when it comes to mobile app development trends. This topic has been receiving a lot of attention in the past couple of years, but even so the technology has never been massively adopted by the market. This post will explain why we still don’t recommend them (in 90% of the cases).

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"Obj-C and Swift, not Obj-C vs. Swift" by Colin Cornaby

(Published in March, 5, 2015, at

On Twitter, I’ve been vocal that I don’t believe Obj-C is going away any time soon. For reference, Apple’s stance on the matter is:

“Objective-C is not going away, both Swift and Objective-C are first class citizens for doing Cocoa and Cocoa Touch development.”

It’s important to note that while there are a lot of community websites stating that Swift is the replacement for Obj-C, that has never been any sort of official position from Apple.

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9 Hottest Objective-C Libraries for iOS

If you’re thinking about creating an iOS app, it’s essential to understand the best libraries that implement great functionalities with little effort. Thinking about that, we’ve picked the 9 hottest GitHub libraries that could help you save lots of time – and create amazing effects – while developing iOS applications that have the newest (and freshest) trending look & feel.

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