3 ways to improve your blogpost writing

3 ways to improve your blogpost writing

After helping a few people with their blogposts, I’ve started to notice that some of them are really good writers, master the content, chronology and express their ideas in a very clear way. However, this knowledge is not exactly what defines good blogpost writing.

There’s usually few characteristics that I like to feel while reading this kind of genre. To make it more practical, I’ll summarize them in 3 specific points:

Once upon a time…

Storytelling is a talent that must be recognized. That is what can make anything interesting – or not. If your post is about an experience, be empathic and imagine how you’d like to read it if you weren’t there. People usually love to spend a few minutes with a good story. 😉

Of course it may be cool to read about an opinion or a potpourri of something you like or you’re studying about, but be aware how to do it. It’s your chance to be creative, to find a nice, maybe funny, way to pass your knowledge on.

Remember you’re writing to someone that maybe doesn’t know anything about you or your story. Pay attention to the details that can make difference, establishing good context is what leads to your reader’s attention.

However, don’t lose your focus. Stay with your subject and the explanations around it. Try to avoid expendable comments and be careful to not lose yourself developing superfluous details.

Watch your language!

While writing a blogpost, usually you have the freedom to express yourself in the most comfortable way for you. But, as said before, don’t forget your audience. It has to feel comfortable and pleasant for them as well.

Besides, it depends on the blog you’re writing. They usually require an informal and friendly style to write. However, make sure to define it before starting and stick to it. You wouldn’t talk to your BFF and to the Minister of Education in the same way, right? The words you use, your approach, how deep you talk about something must be synchronized with the readers.

Usually SEO techniques do the job, but if you’re not a pro, just remember that there’s a person on the other side and you probably will be ok. As I said before, empathy helps a lot.

Keep calm, this is not a paper

Just relax and forget about college now, ceci n’est pas une épreuve. You’re probably writing about something you feel comfortable with, so let it flow. Try to be concise and honest in your own words.

For the first version, I totally recommend you to write it all alone thinking that you’re the only one who will read it. Don’t be ashamed and make it natural – a glass of wine may help you. You can review it a day after and consider the tips I just gave you. Trust me, it works.

After all, blogs were created to please you – as reader or writer. Enjoy this time at most and take the opportunity to improve your writing skill. After a while you will feel like using it as a new tool to express yourself and your ideas. Have fun!

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